Top 10 cruel things women do to men

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Old 06-Dec-2009
Angry Top 10 cruel things women do to men

Despite being known as the fairer sex, women can be downright nasty and often do cruel things to poor innocent mens :[

oye ehnadi ta.. oye...maaar suteyaaaa

Now, Fox News has compiled a list of top 10 cruel things that women do to men and how they play with the guyís emotions or ego.

10. They donít pick up the phone
While men feel good as they manage to take the girlsí phone number, the girls often give them a fake number or donít pick up the call.....

9. Use men for free drinks
Some women go out never planning to spend any of their own money on drinks at the bar or club. Instead, they count on their feminine wiles to convince guys to shell out for their libations. While some of them might begin to get to know him, the cruel and heartless ones will take that drink, flirt a little and move on.... paisa nikal reh .... byudi lolz

8. Use men as placeholders
If she is a decent person, sheíll just get it over with and dump the boy, but if sheís cruel, sheíll hold on to him for a while until somebody new comes along. These girls donít like to be alone and without a relationship, so instead of putting you out of your misery and ending it, sheíll string you along until she meets someone to replace you.

7. Emotionally manipulate men
Men donít like to see women cry and some cruel women take advantage of the fact and use it to get what they want. A few tears would make men do anything to get it to stop.....so trueeeeeeee

6. Use physical violence
While men hitting girls are often termed nasty, some cruel women feel itís perfectly acceptable to hit their boyfriends, as he would never hit her back. This type of woman feels like she can inflict any kind physical pain on him without fear of repercussion........ inki tooh

5. Criticize their men in public
Cruel women criticize and humiliate their men in public places. They often poke fun at her man or even soundly debase him.

4. They donít disclose their relationship status
Itís certainly not the worst thing a woman could do to a man, but it is annoying when sheís already in a relationship and lets you assume that sheís available so that she can enjoy the manís flirtation and flattery.

3. They withhold sex
This is a time-tested, and frequently used, cruel thing for women to do to men. For most men, sex is as important as breathing, so withholding it in order to get something she wants or simply to punish her man for his transgressions is a pretty awful thing to do, even if it is effective.

2. They test their men
Youíre all ready to go for a night out with your friends, when your girlfriend calls and asks you to change your plans to be with her instead. She doesnít have any particular reason; she just wants to see you. She knows that you had plans to meet up with the guys, but if you really loved her, youíd come over to her place instead. If her request comes with an "if you really loved me," then itís a test. If you choose anything other than immediately rushing to her side, youíre going to fail. This kind of testing in a relationship is indeed cruel and petty. .......I(we) hate like this Test

And last but not the least-----

1. They flirt to inspire jealousy nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiii na jalaho plz
Maybe sheís feeling underappreciated, maybe youíve just had a big fight or maybe she just enjoys the tortured look on your face. For whatever reason, girls who flirt obviously with other guys in front of their boyfriends are immature and manipulative.....hahaha RIGHT :D

Old 09-Dec-2009
‹n–eR«ōvÄģ ŇŮGe£
Re: Top 10 cruel things women do to men...Bachaooo


Old 09-Dec-2009
Re: Top 10 cruel things women do to men...Bachaooo

hey prabhu/parmatma/god/rab jo bhi hai..... its emotional..traditional sab type da attayachar sadeh utte .. really kalyug

Old 09-Dec-2009
‹n–eR«ōvÄģ ŇŮGe£
Re: Top 10 cruel things women do to men


Old 09-Dec-2009
Re: Top 10 cruel things women do to men

google ki *****

Old 09-Dec-2009
‹n–eR«ōvÄģ ŇŮGe£
Re: Top 10 cruel things women do to men

Old 09-Dec-2009
Re: Top 10 cruel things women do to men

Some of the points suits more on women rather than man....watever here it goes...

Originally Posted by ‹n–eR«ōvÄģ ŇŮGe£ View Post
Here, we bring the top 10 cruel things that men do to women ...

1. Having the biggest ego: Ever wondered why men hate taking directions and prefer hunting out the place on their own, even if it means 2 hours delay and waste of gas. Well, the answer is the big ego they walk around with. This was the pettiest exemplar of a manís ego, which gets hurt at the drop of the hat and needs a massage whenever possible.

lolz womens have much ego then mens..no need to prove this :D

3. Ogling (read at breasts): ĎMen do stare at womenís breastsí has been stamped as official by a world wide survey. But how we wish they knew that their drooling at the sight of a well endowed woman is cruel not only to the victim of that gaze, but also to the woman sitting beside them. Yes, they donít miss any chance, even if it is when they are on a date!
Read this -

4. Being overtly possessive:
Extra caring men are later called as extra possesive by women which is the insult for the relationship

5. Taking pride in their hypocrisy: Men canít get more cruel than this! They love hanging around with the coolest and sexiest babe in the town
see point num 4. of my post

6. Showing extra care: How does it feel to take his Ďwhere-aboutí calls every 15 minutes after you step out of the home? The care in that gesture goes out of the window and irritation takes charge. Donít they realise that we lived safe, sound and perfectly well in this world before they came into our lives. Hope someone is listening.
The girls are hungry for care and love but when it comes to them they become very selfish or may be not

7. Throwing their Ďsupermaní self everywhere:
because they can

8. Consider emotions to be crap: Women might be emotional but having a constant practical point of view, like men doesnít, score well always. Men will become better beings for sure, if they stop making fun of sentiments and ignoring them as useless.

see point 7. Emotionally manipulate men

9. Being the friend worshippers: It is very torturing for women when men donít learn to priorities their life post marriage. They blame her for being a clinging vine when she asks for his time, but how sane is it to have a bunch of friends in the backseat on a long-drive, which was planned to be a romantic one?

10. Being the sex monster: Undoubtedly, women love zest in bed, but itís very cruel of men to demand their partners to play the porn star they saw in that flick last night. Itís better to let her be herself in a sexapade rather than putting her in an uncomfy situation and then blaming her for being non-cooperative.
Point 3

So Proud to be a Man. Love us, hate us, but can't ignore us

Old 09-Dec-2009
Re: Top 10 cruel things women do to men

abe u edited the whole reply<now dont make excuses like moslty all gals do>..... now its clearly shows how womens are

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