This Is Why You Should Destroy Your Boarding Pass

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Old 18-Dec-2015
Miss Alone
This Is Why You Should Destroy Your Boarding Pass

We often throw the boarding passes after the travel without thinking twice. People don’t even remember where they threw the boarding passes of their last journey. However there are few people who save them as treasures the cult of travelers.
Whatever may be the case it is bad practice to throw it away even after the travel and it can put you into trouble.

As per the krebsonsecurity.com, a security news website, a lot of boarding passes have personal information of the passenger encrypted on them.

The bar code on a boarding pass has your private info, including your phone number and your email id it may contain your home address.

Here is a video by CBS where forensic experts talk about the risk of throwing the boarding pass and landing it in wrong hands.
We urge you to keep your boarding pass safe even after the travel and trash it properly if you need to throw it.

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Old 19-Dec-2015
Dj Jags
Re: This Is Why You Should Destroy Your Boarding Pass

Once Gurps told me about this problem.

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