Tesla Nikola "The father of Electricity/20th Century

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Tesla Nikola "The father of Electricity/20th Century

Tesla ek aesa insaan c,jo sari zindagi paise piche ni bhajya,100 sal agey di sochda c.Nikola Tesla was one of the most important men of invention in history also known as the Mad Scientist born in croatia in july 10,1856.
He came to usa to help Edison to give free electricity to the world.But edison was a man of money so they both departed their ways,kehnde Tesla edison toh 50 saal agey di sochda c,Greed kar k edison hr ek invention toh paise bnana chahnda c bt Tesla was against it,so tesla started his own laboratory.
He made the A.C conductors for surpassing electricity from distant places and eh sari calculation es genius ne apne mind ch kiti c jd eh walks teh janda c,he figured out how to use rotating magnetic field on a walk in budapest,duje pasey Edison teh ohde kine hi lokan ne poora zor lgaya c invention karn nu jo tesla ne ekalle ne kiti.
A man ahed of his time,a sheer extraordinary genius Tesla was always underrated.Ohde patents nu copy krn dian bht tries kitian gyian,bht corporations against ho gyian kyuki Tesla eh electricity dunia nu free ch deni chaunda c,but edison wanted to make money from it.Tesla di laboratory jlaa diti gyi,ohdian sarian inventions patents jla ditey gye.
but Tesla was a man of Science,after that he invented Radio,jo invention aj b use hundi a,ek hor scientist c Marconi,he stole Tesla`s patent of Radio and apne name teh kar lya,jis kar k ohnu noble prize milya,but Tesla ne phir b dil nahi shadya he said
"Marconi is a good fellow. Let him continue. He is using seventeen of my patents"
-Tesla talked about smartphones
-Tesla talked about renewable energy,infinite energy.
-Nine of Tesla’s patents drove the generators that harnessed the vast power of Niagara Falls, the first large-scale hydroelectric project in the world.
-He made a machine to derive energy from earth called Geothermal power
-Gloal Wireless energy ( Wardenclyffe project)
-Electronic Cars, X-rays
Recently Tesla car company launched their electronic car,which is called the car of the Decade.
Tesla talked about free electricity to every corner of the earth with his inventions,those inventions were burnt down.
Tesla said"It seems I have always been ahead of my time,” Tesla lamented in the 81st year of his life"
Kehnde Tesla had finally created Death beam,and once he shot it towards the moon to test the strength,but he never gave up the patents and destroyed it,because he said it was too dangerous for the man kind.
He died penniless in a new york hotel room in 1943,the man who literally invented 20th Century.All his life he fought against the corporations but now his work is finally showing up and world is realizing what he had done for us.
gone but not Forgotten The Great Mad scientist..

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