Stupid advice you should SIMPLY ignore!

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Old 14-Oct-2013
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Stupid advice you should SIMPLY ignore!

People love to give Ďfree advicesí and with Indians, it is like their birth right to dictate terms and conditions for others to abide by and live with. While some may hold little relevance, others would be extremely random and bizarre. Frankly speaking, after listening to endless of these stupid advices given by people around, I have realised that more I ignore these, happier I would be. Here are a few of my top favourites that I prefer to pay no attention to and just move on. Read and enjoy!

Itís time for you to get married
Okay so now someone else would decide when is the right time for me to tie the knot and settle down in life with the Ďmarriedí tag. Sometimes I feel like telling these people to open up marriage bureaus and make some quick bucks rather than poking nose in otherís personal matters.

I donít think this outfit suits your body type
I so wish people could focus on their own style sense and not be judgmental all the time about what others wear and how they look. I mean how stupid it sounds that a third person would tell you whether your choice of clothes is actually fit for you or not. Bizarre!

Plan a family soon before itís too late
Yeah yeah, only if you would take the onus of doing the funding business, I can think of having a child. Donít know why people cannot let a couple enjoy their married life and there is a perpetual pressure from relatives in the name of societal norms to have kids and complete the family.

Why donít you try for a government job?
Do I really need to explain such people that armchair job is not my cup of tea and I am happy with the kind of money I am making in a private job? Even more disgusting are people who would advice such options without having being in the job scenario ever in their life. Agreed that government jobs have their own advantages but itís more like a choice to be made by an individual depending upon their skill set and aptitude.

Avoid driving late at night, prefer taking a cab
I am an adult and I know how to drive, even when I am a few drinks down, so it shouldnít be anyoneís business to instruct me on how I should commute. And by the way, considering the number of rape cases and crime against women that are coming to light almost every day, whatís the guarantee that I would be safe and sound while traveling through a hired cab.

I know itís hard but you should quit smoking
Though I donít smoke but when I see people telling my friends to get rid of this addiction, I feel WHYÖ how does it affect their life? To be a passive smoker or not is a choice that lies with them and they should make the most of it instead of telling others what to do. And honestly, I think it has become a common practice among most Indians to judge someoneís character based on whether she/he smokes or not. So you might as well ignore it.

You must go the temple every morning
Oh yeah, why not! I should pray every morning and then I get the license to do all sorts of sins all through the day. CRAP! I hate people who dictate these spiritual and religious terms when they themselves have no fear of God. Eventually, it is karma that would pay in the end, so even if you try to please God daily, you have to be a better human being in the first place.

Be careful with friends, they can use you
Friends possibly are the only people in your life who you can choose without any pressure and who donít come with any baggage unlike the relatives that often annoy us with their mere existence in our life. Yet I wonder how easily people would try to warn you to be cautious and watchful about the choices you make with regards to your friends. Iíd any day prefer to keep my ears shut to such useless piece of advice.

Invest in Gold or property, shares are not safe
Donít know why people want to remain stuck in the rut and play safe with conventional ways of investments. And if others are trying to break the shell and trying to do something else, there would be an array of Ďfree advicesí being distributed on why one should not opt for a particular investment option. Come on, if you donít take risk with your money, youíd never see it growing in those long term Fixed Deposits.

Watch TV soaps on Colors, they are informative
LOL! I wonít be surprised tomorrow if someone comes to me and tells me to dress up like Anandi of Balika Vadhu to impress my would be in-laws. Give me a break. Do you really think todayís generation pays heed to any of these fiction shows on TV? I may watch them for reasons to get entertained or to know whatís new on small screen but to learn lessons of life from these melodramatic TV soaps would be the last thing I would do in my life.

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Re: Stupid advice you should SIMPLY ignore!


Old 14-Oct-2013
Re: Stupid advice you should SIMPLY ignore!

Safe! As if I care

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