Respect the industry

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Old 25-Dec-2009
Respect the industry

Hello i wud like to open a discussion/debste or watever u wanna call it.
I ask all members and request all members to join in and have their say.

My point is that -
why do people download albums -
is it because they people cant afford the stuff
or because it is too expensive
is it because people like downloading and people like slowing their computers/laptops down
is it because they like sitting on their asses and time consuming over shitty rubbish quality downloads which people so called buzz off and laugh off and get so excited thinking they have saved money
well these people are just sad and damn right cruel to the industry
is it because they dont like walking to the shops down the road
is it because the original cdda audio cds are too good quality
is it because they cant walk for 5 minutes to the shop and back home

peace out and no offense but prove me wrong


Old 26-Dec-2009
Re: Respect the industry


Interesting topic. I use a website like unp to help restore my old music collection. I have been brought up in the era where most albums were sold in cassette format. CDs were available but very hard to find. It wasnt until after the mid 90's until cd playing systems became so affordable. not everyone had cd-players in their cars, expensive cd player systems in their homes or high-spec computers to rip and listen to music on them.

I have many of the biggest albums of the 90's in cassette format and its good to be able to find mp3 formats of those albums. half the time i browse the internet i am looking for legal digital downloads to these old songs or a a website that has a back catalogue of old albums on cd.

Why not just download legally? There is a quality difference between a file thats been ripped (usually at 320kbps) and the actual file on a CD. Now one could visit a legal download site and download an album at 128kbps-256kbps. That is nowhere near CD quality. Many of the albums you find on torrents,etc are higher bit rate. Better quality than the files available on certain legal d/w sites. Why would one pay for a song that can be downloaded for free and of higher bit rate?

I see the rips for new albums nothing but promotion because you are not getting the real product with the quality sound the producer/engineer wants us to hear.

Old 27-Dec-2009
Re: Respect the industry

i truly agree with the whmc

Old 27-Dec-2009
Re: Respect the industry


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