Palau Fantasy Island

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Old 27-Sep-2009
Palau Fantasy Island

Palau Fantasy Island

Located in the western Pacific, Palau is made up of more than 250 islands, such as these forested, sand-ringed gems studding sapphire seas. Tourism is the country's main industry; its rich marine environment invites snorkeling, diving, and lounging.

Palau is like an underwater Safari, complete with Lion(fish), Tiger(fish) Zebra(fish) and fish that look like Elephants, except for the long trunks, huge ears, and big, flat feet... come to think of it, none of the fish looked like elephants. But the diversity of underwater sealife is so abundant, you can find more species in the ocean than in a college fraternity's kitchen sink. Situated near Indonesia, just seven degrees north of the equator in the Pacific Ocean, the country is composed of thousands of island

Yes, Palau is very much like Fantasy Island, the extremely campy TV series from the 1970s. This made for ample opportunity to yell out at the sky, "Da Plane! Da Plane!", and not be laughed at.

Over Island

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Re: Palau Fantasy Island

soo nice.

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Re: Palau Fantasy Island

nice one

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