Nana Patekar : A Megastar Who Is A Saint By Heart!

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Old 08-Oct-2015
Miss Alone
Nana Patekar : A Megastar Who Is A Saint By Heart!

How can we consider any individual’s brilliant skills and achievements with patriotism? Legends like Sachin Tendulkar or Amitabh Bachchan have undoubtedly raised respect for the country, but they did not begin playing cricket or acting after being imbued with patriotism. Their achievements are resultant of their hard work and passion which they had towards their respective fields. With full dedication they reached the Mount Everest of success. I would like to repeat, that undoubtedly with their achievements the country got respect. But it would be wrong to bestow them a medal of “patriotism” in regard to their achievements. Had they been able to continuously contribute with their distinguished abilities towards the service of the county in social life, only then would they have set an example of patriotism. The fragrance of good deeds, spreads slowly but eventually.

An ordinary face of an extraordinary man, Nana Patekar; whose name brings to memories his dialogue from the film Krantiveer, “ये हिन्दू का खून ये मुसलमान का खून….,” just kidding.. In the field of acting, he is no less than a megastar. Whereas when he made headlines recently, it was for a very nobel and unbelievable work. He by himself helped 5,000 farmer households with financial aid—in the village where the head of the farmers, committed suicide after being disturbed due to draught conditions in the village. Some of you might have watched in the news the instance when Nana was distributing the checks and few youngsters started clicking his photographs. On this, Nana chased them and asked them in anger— “Is this any function going on here?” At one place goes the funeral and at the other you are taking pictures? I smiled instantly looking at his expression that connected me to his film Tiranga, but in the next five minutes whatever happened on the stage, left my eyes moist. A very young, delicate widow could not hold the check in her shaking hands, as she was not able to carry herself. Acting as a fatherly figure to her, Nana who was holding himself with strength until now became sentimental. His heart pained on hearing another farmer’s story—who was to walk to his village on foot, and did not have enough money to buy a bus ticket. From his savings, Nana distributed checks of Rs. 15,000/- each to 5,000 farmer households. In the community hall he went to those 5,000 seats. He bowed to them and with his folded hands and moist eyes—handed the checks to widows, children, men….and his “ekla chalo re,” journey continues without any showoff. Just now, I watched him on a news channel where he sits on the floor in his house and appeals, “No farmer should commit suicide; till my last breathe I am there with farmers!” Leaving behind the world of glamour he reached to the helpless farmers in the farms of Sundar Bazaar, like a ray of hope to them.

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