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Talking little gapp shapp about indian destination

Some of the popular Indian destination
In order to make the process of choosing a destination easy they are categorized into different segment. The first category in this is the category containing the wonders of India.
Wonders of India - destinations lying in this category are exclusive to India and are famous round the globe for its distinctive features. Taj Mahal at Agra tops the chart with it being referred to as the one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The next destination is Thar Desert, which located in the state Rajasthan in western part of India. The magnanimous nature of the desert is instrumental in fetching it so much popularity all around the world. Backwaters of Kerala are another tourist spot where nature is found in its full bloom. There are several other destinations in India, which hold equal importance in contribution towards the growing tourism industry in India. Kashmir is a state in India considered as the paradise on earth. This is another beauty of India and truly deserves a look by the tourists.

Forts and Palaces of India - Forts and Palaces of India are the exhibition of the might and strength of the Indian monarchy till date. Visiting these places give an insight into the architecture and engineering prevailing in India during the ancient time. There are various forts located in various parts of India. Agra fort located in Agra is one of them with the architectural marvel it is. The next is the Red Fort in Delhi with the memories of Indian independence movement woven to it. There are several other forts, which are equally enthralling and historically significant.

Temples of India - India is a secular state and known for its tolerant practice of every religion. Thus there are several temples famous not only for their piousness but also for the architectural beauty they are. Some of the popular among them are Konark Temple in Orissa, Golden Temple in Amritsar, Khajuraho Temples at Madhya Pradesh, Jagannath Temple in Puri and many more.
Beaches of India - Southern and the south western part of India are famous for the various beaches that exist over there. The beaches of Goa are the most popular among them all. It has been for ages the top choice for the foreign tourists. Tamil Nadu and Kerala beaches are also gaining popularity among the tourists due to their picturesque locale.
It is difficult to put the whole India in a nutshell due to its magnanimous nature but a thorough
- Udaipur, India
- Bikaner, India
- Jaisalmer, India
- Chittorgarh, India
- Ajmer, India
- Fathepur Sikri, India
- Pushkar, India
- Leh Ladakh, India
- Srinagar, India
- Dehradun, India
- Lucknow, India
- Varanasi, India
- Haridwar, India
- Chandigarh, India
- Ahmedabad, India
- Bhopal, India
- Bhubaneswar, India
- Puri, India
- Khajuraho, India
- Pune, India
- Aurangabad, India
- Mysore, India
- Aleppey, India
- Trivandrum, India

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Re: little gapp shapp about indian destination


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Re: little gapp shapp about indian destination

Saal free hoiye ta kum ke aiye

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