Its A Girl’s World

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Old 15-Jun-2010
Its A Girl’s World

Its A Girl’s World

1)If he is late for class , he was told, “Time and Tide wait for none”.
If she is late, then the bus was late.

2) If a girl is dressed as a boy, she is modern, says the world .
But if a boy is dressed as a girl, “Has he escaped from the Zoo?”

3)If a boy talks with a girl, “I think he is trying for her”
But if a girl talks with a boy, then she is trying to be friendly.

4)When a girl cries , the world is convinced of her
But when a boy cries , “Come on man! Don’t be a girl”.

5)If a girl meets with an accident, then it’s the mistake of others.
And if a boy meets with an accident, “I think you should learn to drive”.

6)If a boy sits in front of a city bus, he is manner less and culture less brute.
But if a girl sits in the back seat, “Try to respect ladies, man!”.

7)If a boy gets a big rank in an entrance exam, “You’ve to work hard”.
But if a girl gets a big rank ... Still got 33! Reservation.

8)If there are girls in a class , the professor gives an interesting lecture,
And if there are no girls, he says, there is no class today.

9)If a girl does not answer during a viva, then at least ‘smile’ says the examiner.
But when a boy does not answer , “better luck next time!”

Old 15-Jun-2010
Re: Its A Girl’s World

Do not agree with accident thing ... it should be like this ..

5)If a girl meets with an accident, then it’s coz she's a girl.
And if a boy meets with an accident, “Its because of a girl”.

Old 16-Jun-2010
Re: Its A Girl’s World

^^ ..

sahi ne...

Old 18-Jun-2010
Re: Its A Girl’s World

je kisse mundeyea nea todha jhea koda boleyea tan munda madda,
kudi je thapadh v marrea tan mundea di hi galti honi hai

Old 25-Jun-2010
Re: Its A Girl’s World

yeah... girls miss use there liberty... yea seriously..

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