How To Spot A Liar and How To Confront Them!

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Old 07-Jun-2008
How To Spot A Liar and How To Confront Them!

Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us lie at some time. Knowing that, itís easy to understand why spotting a lie that someone else is telling is so important. How do you know if your significant other is fibbing about the way your rear end looks in your favorite outfit? How do you know if your boss is stretching the truth about not wanting to replace you? Learn to recognize when someone is telling you slightly less than the whole truth.

1. They avoid eye contact.
Most people have a subconscious fear of facing the person to whom they are lying. The average person makes eye contact during about half of the conversation. If the person youíre talking to continually looks away or refuses to meet your eyes at all, there may be a reason to question their honesty.
2. Their body language changes.
People who are in the midst of a lie may turn away from you or fidget excessively. Itís also been said that touching oneís face or covering oneís mouth are telltale signs of a lie in progress.
3. They stall or appear confused.
Some liars are able to learn to think quickly, but most will become momentarily flustered when you ask them a question or request an explanation for their story. If they repeat the question back to you or utter ďummmÖĒ then youíll want to investigate just how much of their story is true.
4. They appear stressed or uncomfortable.
An honest person may very well be uncomfortable in a conversation, but a liar will seem eager to change the subject or end the conversation. If you think someone is lying, try changing the subject for a moment. A person who is lying will often seem relieved and start acting more natural.
5. A liar may act defensive.
If you ask a question about the other personís story, do they act like you have accused them? A person who is telling the truth most likely will not be offended, but a person who is lying will go on the defense and try to defend their position before they are accused.
6. They are inconsistent or get confused.
When you suspect someone is lying, asking them to repeat their story can give you some insight into whether they are telling you a tall tale. A liar will often change details on the second telling or get turned around and forget large parts altogether.
Once you discover that someone is lying to you, in most cases youíll want to confront them. Whether you confront them with the purpose of finding out the truth, putting them in their place, or giving them a reason for severing your ties, there is a right way and a wrong way to do the confronting. Staying calm and presenting the truth to the liar will be much more effective than shouting and accusing them. Always remember that the person being confronted is likely to feel ashamed of their actions, so try to be sensitive if you have any hope of salvaging a relationship with them.

Old 08-Jun-2008
Re: How To Spot A Liar and How To Confront Them!

....kini aukha hoya peya jhooth bolna

Old 08-Jun-2008
Re: How To Spot A Liar and How To Confront Them!

simple ...

ohde kan de thale lao...je ulta piya te oh chor nahi haga ..

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Re: How To Spot A Liar and How To Confront Them!

Originally Posted by kudi_patole_wargi View Post
....kini aukha hoya peya jhooth bolna
bach jao hun tusi taan

Old 08-Jun-2008
Re: How To Spot A Liar and How To Confront Them!


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