Hegmataneh (Ecbatana), Iran.

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Old 07-Aug-2010
Hegmataneh (Ecbatana), Iran.

The historic Hegmataneh or Ecbatana is located within the boundaries of the modern city of Hamedan and covers an area of 30 hectares. Hegmataneh in historic classical sources had named as the capital of the first Iranian dynastic empire, the Medes (728-550 BCE). It later became one of the main seats of their successors, the Achaemenid dynasty (550-330 BCE), though Persepolis near Shiraz was considered the centre of the throne, Ecbatana was considered a strategic place. The city continued to kept its' importance during the following dynasties, the Parthians (248 BCE-224 CE) and Sasanids (224-651 CE).

Hegmataneh Ensemble consists of a unique collection of historical ruins and a valuable archeological site. A complex collection of congested urban constructions including towers (citadel of the old city) unique urban architecture like a chess board developed system of water pipelines and roads and the pavements as well as a great number of houses rather than single deserted buildings. There exist remains belong to six different historical periods and a peculiar ensemble belongs to the Christians of Iran.

There is a museum adjacent to the site, showing a collection of ancient elements explored there.

Old 07-Aug-2010
Re: Hegmataneh (Ecbatana), Iran.

pretty different in its built..thanks for sharing...

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