Four Stages in the life of an employee (In one company)

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Old 04-Jun-2011
Four Stages in the life of an employee (In one company)

Stage 1: Motivated but in-effective
This happens because the employee have just joined the company and wants to prove the employer that he really deserved the job. He will show over enthusiasm every where. He is motivated to justify his appointment. But he is ineffective. Why? Because, he has not understood the job well. He dont know what to do and how to do. He is not fully aware of the working of the company. Hence he is in-effective.
Stage 2: Motivated and effective.
This stage comes when he understands the job/responsibility well. Now since he is fully aware of the responsibility, he will be effective also. Since he has just understood the job, he more motivated to complete the task assigned to him on or before the deadlines.

Stage 3: De-Motivated but effective
The third stage comes when the employee is put on the same job for a long time. Now he is not finding Exciting in the job and he is just doing it because he is getting salary.

Stage 4: De-Motivated and in-effective
Now The employee has started feeling that he is the only employee in the company without whom the company can not run. He not even bothered to do the job. He does not finds anything exciting here. Now he has started saying "I dont have Job satisfaction here."
At this stage, either he will leave the job or he will be fired by the employer.

Now How to get maximum out the employee...
Always keep him at stage 2. Never allow him to go to stage three. How???
Step one: Keep the stage 1 time as little as possible. This can be done by induction programme. So spend enough time on employee orientation.
Step two: Never keep him at the same job more. Always give some new role to the employee which is challenging for him.

Old 04-Jun-2011
Re: Four Stages in the life of an employee (In one company)

Nice share...

Old 06-Jun-2011
Re: Four Stages in the life of an employee (In one company)

good share !

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