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Old 05-Oct-2012
Mandeep Kaur Guraya
Different !!

Another story...credit to one, who put it on net

It did not know when it was born. "Fine! So are many who don't know about their birth too!", it said to itself. It was not the first and it was so sure that it was not the last either. Yet it begged to be different. "What is the point in living your life without having an impact on others?", it asked. And was just wondering what it needed to do to be something different and hence stand unique from the crowd.

First thing it realized was that it should have an immense belief in itself that it can. It was already on a high ego trip, so there was not much of a chance that it would let that thought slip by. Coming to the qualities, alas, it was the same like every other ones, some in fact had even surpassed it in height and stature. And as is their nature, they started moving. It couldn't stop as others were continuously pushing it, so it tried to run faster, but was blocked by those that preceded it.

Suddenly, something strange happened. All their pace slackened a bit and it seemed like someone said "Freeze!". When it started again, nobody, including it believed that a rare thing was about to happen. It suddenly swelled in size, thanks to many factors that it was not aware of and by the time it reached the destination, it was so tall and heavy. How would you feel if someone so big runs and collides you? Devastated. Isn't it? Thats what happened to the poor ones who were there at the destination - some came for a watch, some were playing and many lived closer. All of them were hit and many proved that they were mortals after all. By the time it went back, it was several times shorter and lacked all the energy, having spent most of what it gathered like a spendthrift.

It was recorded and marked by experts, though it regretted for being different.

P.S.It was the tsunami wave.

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