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Old 24-Nov-2015
Ginni Singh
Daily Vocabulary

1. Bedlam (N):- a state of extreme confusion and disorder.
Synonyms: chaos, pandemonium, topsy-turvydom, topsy-turvyness
Uses: As "Bhangarh To Bedlam" hits the stands, author Deepta Roy Chakraverti urges readers to separate the paranormal from the superstitious

2. Penurious (Adj):- lacking money; excessively unwilling to spend, not having enough money to pay for necessities.
Synonyms: parsimonious, hard up, impecunious, in straitened circumstances, penniless, pinched
Uses: Warren Buffett, famous multi-billionaire, still drives a cheap sedan, not because he is penurious, but because luxury cars are gaudy and impractical.

3. Imbibe (V):- to drink or absorb as if drinking; take in, also metaphorically
Synonyms: absorb, draw, soak up, sop up, suck, suck up, take in, take up
Uses: Plato imbibed Socrates’ teachings to such an extent that he was able to write volumes of work that he directly attributed, sometimes word for word, to Socrates.

4. Ponderous (Adj):- having great mass and weight and unwieldiness
Synonyms: heavy, lumbering
Uses: Laden with 20 kilograms of college text books, the freshman moved ponderously across the campus.

5. Diatribe (N):- a strong verbal attack against a person or institution.
Synonyms: fulmination, rebuke, remonstrate, reprimand, reproof, scold, take to task, trounce, vituperate
Uses: Steve’s mom launched into a diatribe during the PTA meeting, contending that the school was little more than a daycare in which students stare at the wall and teachers stare at the chalkboard.

6. Turpitude (N):- a corrupt or depraved or degenerate act or practice.
Synonyms: depravity, corruption, degeneracy, depravation, putrefaction
Uses: During his reign, Caligula indulged in unspeakable sexual practices, so it is not surprising that he will forever be remembered for his turpitude.

7. Quid pro Quo (N):- something for something; that which a party receives (or is promised) in return for something he does or gives or promises.
Synonyms: quid
Uses: Rajiv Gandhi allowed Bhopal gas tragedy accused Warren Anderson, the former Union Carbide chief, to leave the country as a quid pro quo for the release of the son of a family friend Adil Shariyar.

8. Byzantine (Adj):- intricate and complex
Synonyms: convoluted, involved, knotty, tangled, tortuous
Uses: Getting a driver’s license is not simply a matter of taking a test; the regulations and procedures are so byzantine that many have found themselves at the mercy of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

9. Expunge (V):- to eliminate completely; remove by erasing or crossing out or as if by drawing a line.
Synonyms: excise, scratch, strike
Uses: When I turned 18, all of the shoplifting and jaywalking charges were expunged from my criminal record.

10. Anathema (N):- a detested person; the source of somebody's hate; a formal ecclesiastical curse accompanied by excommunication.
Synonyms: condemnation, curse, execration
Uses: Hundreds of years ago, Galileo was anathema to the church; today the church is anathema to some on the left side of the political spectrum.

Part 2

1. Chastisement (N):- a rebuke for making a mistake, a verbal punishment.
Synonyms: chastening, correction, castigation
Uses: The government then took this chastisement(verbal punishment) and ran wild.
Tricks: In Iran, if you break your chastity you will suffer chastisement.

2. Interlocutor (N):- a person who takes part in a conversation.
Symonyms: conversational partner
Uses: The government’s interlocutor(middle man), R.N. Ravi, confirmed to a local daily that the August 3 agreement was indeed a ‘framework agreement’.
Trick: An INTERLOCUTOR is someone who INTERLOCks his mind with another through conversation

3. Unconsummated (Adj):- not consummated (especially of a marriage),
Synonyms: imperfect, unfinished
Uses: an unconsummated marriage can be annulled
Trick: Hamari Adhuri Kahani= Hamari Unconsummated parable

4. Hitherto (Adj):- used in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present time.
Synonyms: as yet, heretofore, so far, thus far, til now, until now, up to now, yet
Uses: Before John learned to fly an airplane, he had hitherto been afraid of heights.
Trick: Nana Patekar Killed 56 people in the Movie Ab Tak Chhappan = Hithero Chhappan

5. Brimming (Adj):- filled to capacity.
Synonyms: brimful, brimful
Uses: a child brimming over with curiosity
Trick: I know that Anjii, Malvika, Meo Voto, Cynosure, Misty, Glady, Butterfly, Avina, Prachi, Rhiza, Riti, Aashi, Casey and Many more whose names I am unable to recall (will mention name of the rest ones next time) the Girls who are brimmed with emotions

6. Dictum (N):- an authoritative declaration; an opinion voiced by a judge on a point of law not directly bearing on the case in question and therefore not binding.
Synonyms: pronouncement, say-so, obiter dictum.
Uses: Responsible corporates have long discarded the Milton Friedman dictum(announce,घोषणा) from their public vocabulary.
Trick: dictator means authoritarian; dictum means an authoritative statement.

7. Progenitor (N):- an ancestor in the direct line, an ancesto, funder.
Synonyms: primogenitor
Uses: Adam and Eve are the Progenitors of humans.
Trick: Rishtey me to Hum tumhare Progenitor (Baap) lagte hain Naam hai Shahenshah

8. Fortuitous (Adj):- occurring by happy chance.
Synonyms: fortunate
Uses: profits were enhanced by a fortuitous drop in the cost of raw materials
Trick: Oye Lucky Lucky oye = Oye Fortuitous Fortuitous Oye

9. Diabolic (Adj):- showing the cunning or ingenuity or wickedness typical of a devil.
Synonyms: devilish, diabolical, mephistophelean, mephistophelian
Uses: An idle mind is a Diabolic's workshop.
Trick: Think of the Diabolic and Diabolic is here.

10. Rancour (N):- a feeling of deep and bitter anger and ill-will.
Synonyms: bitterness, gall, rancor, resentment, reprisal.
Uses: Although my friend betrayed me, I have no rancor towards him.
Trick: Badlapur = RANCOURPur

Old 24-Nov-2015
Re: Daily Vocabulary


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