Chewing Gum Mishaps? Here’s How To Remove It

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Old 21-Jun-2012
Chewing Gum Mishaps? Here’s How To Remove It

Many of us enjoy chewing it, but boy can misplaced gum sure make a mess! Here are several different ways you can try removing it from every day items.
First, here are a few tips for lifting as much of it as possible before trying a remedy:
  • Take a blunt object like a dull knife, an old credit card or hand scraper to scrape off as much as you can.
  • Apply an ice pack to freeze the wad then crack off the brittle pieces.
Tip: When trying a softening method, wear a plastic baggy over your hand to protect your skin from the sticky mess.
  • Soak in regular household vinegar (white).
  • Heat with a hair dryer (careful, some fibers may get damaged if they can’t tolerate high heat).
Tips For Assorted Items:
  • Shoes: Rub off the remaining bits with turpentine.
  • Clothing & Shoes: Place garment in the freezer for several hours then peel off the bits. Cover with a piece of wax paper then run a warm iron over top, the remainder should melt into this paper. You could also try pouring boiling vinegar over top to help it dissolve (this is a tried-and-true for gum that had been washed and dried in the laundry).
  • Hair: Mayonnaise (apply a blob then leave it set for about 10 minutes before trying to get it out). You could also try peanut butter, WD-40 (spray, leave a few minutes then work the wad free with your fingers), or try rubbing honey into it then slide it off the hair.
  • Carpet: Freeze with an ice cube then pick out the brittle bits. You could also try covering the spot with a teaspoon of peanut butter. Allow it to sit for a minute or two, then lift up with a wet cloth. Clean the area with a wet, soapy cloth.
  • Inside a dryer: Apply peanut butter, work it into the gum, leave for a few minutes then pull it off.
  • Pet hair: Apply a few drops of a gentle dishwashing liquid, leave for a few minutes then work out the bits with your fingers.
In general peanut butter, baby oil, cooking spray, vegetable/olive oil, WD-40, margarine, Crisco (lard) and mayonnaise can be used to try working out/lifting up remaining bits.

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