Bizarre Requests made in Hotels

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Old 29-Nov-2012
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Bizarre Requests made in Hotels

How can I cross over the M25?

How many pets can you bring in on the pet policy? I have three dogs, nine cats, two budgies and a tortoise, oh and four children!!!!

Is it possible for the changing of the guard to change days?

Can my cat stay? (The cat was a pet Jaguar!)

Can you do anything about the wind? It messed my hair on the way to a meeting

A practicing Voodoo priest insisted that his room face the sunset so that he could pray naked to it

Can we land a helicopter on the roof of the hotel?

Can my Shetland Pony stay in my room with me?

To the hotel manager: Could I borrow your shirt; I’ve got a wedding to go to?

Can we bring our goldfish with us?

Would it be ok to have a Boa Constrictor snake in the room – without its tank?

Can you stop the 12pm church bells from ringing?

A customer once called because she thought the Travelodge logo had been painted onto her roof because she had seen it on Google Maps – we explained that it was an online map marker

My baby alligator is coming, how much will it cost?

Do you have outside power supply for a refrigerated van? In the van was seven penguins that were being transported to a zoo

Could we make the frogs in the pond behind the hotel be quiet?

Why can’t I see the Olympic flame from here?

An elderly guest requested a bikini shaving kit

How much is it for my pet parrot to come and stay with me?

Can I see the Olympic rowing event from my window?

A customer had a cage full of mice and wondered if they needed to pay per mouse.

Can I use my Oyster Card to book a limousine?

Can I pay for my pet monkey to stay with me?

Can a maid visit me every two hours?

Where can I buy a wedding ring, and quick!?

Could four adult dwarfs book one family room because they were ‘only small’?

(During the Olympics) Why is it so busy today? Is there something happening nearby?

Does the water come from the tap?

Can we keep 20 sheep in your car park whilst we stay in the hotel?

Can you tell me when the Loch Ness monster comes out so we don’t miss it?

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