Traitor Arundhati,geelani etc kicked from a seminar in delhi

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Old 02-Nov-2010
Lightbulb Traitor Arundhati,geelani etc kicked from a seminar in delhi

Suzanne Arundhati Roy--jaisi shakal ,vaisi akal
"Brain has never been an integral part of her body. It is a historical fact. Even the Science has accepted this. she is a the goddess of small shitty
mindless things..." lol

Oct 22- by Nirmal sandhu
People create ruckus at hardline separatist leader Syed Ali Geelani and so called self-activist Suzanne A Roy seminar

Once again Arundhati Roy has escaped trouble for her not-so-innocuous remark "Kashmir has never been an integral part of India" with the state deciding not to succumb to her itch for publicity. As the state has wisely denied her a chance to project herself as a victim of its power, which she keeps challenging on a regular basis, her October 26 statement from Srinagar "Pity the nation that has to silence its writers for speaking their minds" has become infructuous.

Arundhati Roy often gets away with a near-breach of the law for which an ordinary protester can be hauled up. Of course, India is a grown-up state that not only allows free space to such celebrated activists but also lets them articulate feelings of the marginalised as well as the subversives holding the gun. The state and its institutions have not interfered with her freedom so far except a mild Supreme Court punishment and a small fine.

Kashmir should get Azadi from bhookhe-nange Hindustan,” said Arundhati Roy at a seminar where the Maoists hosted Kashmir secessionist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani, which witnessed large scale protests by Kashmiri Pandits. A large number of protesters were detained at the behest of Parliament House attack accused SAR Gilani, who moderated the seminar promoting secession in the heart of the national Capital on Thursday.

SAR Geelani, who moderated the session, said the demand of Kashmir Azadi not only meant the Kashmir Valley but the entire Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Muzzafarabad, Baltistan and Mirpur. <--- lol moron

The seminar was disrupted many a time when author-activist Arundhati Roy, a known Maoist sympathiser, openly preached secession while expressing her views and urging the audience comprising Kashmiri youth, students from AMU and also from DU to stand up and fight for the cause of a separate Kashmir and to get a fair play in the name of “Idea of Justice”.

The convention on ‘Azadi — The Only Way’ organised by Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners (CRPP), was being attended by a number of sympathisers of Kashmiri separatists and Naxalites. The moment Geelani arrived to speak, the protesters numbering around 70 shouted slogans asking him to leave along with those demanding separate Kashmir. Amid pandemonium inside the LTG Auditorium, the protesters shouted slogans like ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ and ‘Vande Mataram’ several times when various speakers expressed their views and opinions driving towards a separate Kashmir.

At least 50 of the protesters, including those from Roots to Kashmir and Panun Kashmir were detained by the police and released late in the evening. At the time of the protest, SAR Geelani, a lecturer in Delhi University who was accused in the Parliament attack case but later set free, was speaking on the topic. Besides Geelani, other participants in the seminar included writer and activist Arundhati Roy, senior journalist Najeeb Mubaraki, Telangana activist Varvara Rao, president of the CRPP Gursharan Singh (represented by his daughter due to Singh’s ill health), media critic Shuddabrata Sengupta, and separatists from Manipur and Nagaland in the six-hour-long programme.

Now case filed by youths against Geelani and Roy in New Delhi
28th October 2010
On October 21st, 2010 a group of separatists and their symathisersfrom all over the country took part in a seminar titled Azadi:(breaking kashmir from india)
The OnlyWay at LTG Auditorium, Copernicus Marg in the heart of nationalcapital. The contents of the said seminar were inflamatory in natureand instigated communal passions. Since it could harm communal harmonyin our country we had informed the local DCP Police in advance aboutthe event, who assured us action. Unfortunately, those who protestedagainst this communal anti-India gathering waving the tri-colour wereforcefully evicted out of the venue during the course of the seminar.

For last seven days we waited for the Government to take formalaction. The Ministry of Home Affairs has lately shown no keen interestto move ahead with the case. We therefore decided to move as privatecitizens who attended the said event to the Tilak Marg Police Stationto file a formal complaint. The concerned SHO has assured us enquiryinto our complaint and further action. We expect him to file an FIRover the complaint that he has accepted. If there is no action withinnext 72 hours, we'll use further legal rights available with us to getthe accused booked.
We were outraged to see anti-national elements abuse our nation. Weare dismayed by Government inaction into the case.

JU students disrupt Geelani's seminar
30 Oct 2010, 2306 hrs IST, AGENCIES
Students of Jadavpur University (JU) on Saturday (October 30) disrupted a seminar which was being addressed by Delhi University professor S A R Geelani, an accused in the 2001 Parliament attack case who was later acquitted by the Supreme Court. "Geelani go back. There is no place for a Pakistani agent," the students shouted as Geelani addressed a seminar on Kashmir at the university.

Some students tried to storm the seminar hall with shoes in hand, but were chased away by the police. The students waved black flags and later went on a dharna outside the university, however, they were later chased away. The protesters also blocked the road leading to Jadavpore police station and demanded that Geelani be driven out of Kolkata, officials said, adding that there was no report of any arrest.

Old 02-Nov-2010
Thumbs up Re: Traitor Arundhati,geelani etc kicked from a seminar in d

Mafiosi, their lies and a fake state

Delhi witnessed a scene which would have been unimaginable in any other country with a governance that speaks for the land and its people. A person known as Syed Ali Shah Geelani, allegedly a known hawala racketeer and a backstabber Kashmiri who is a qualified Pakistani agent demanding "Azadi" from India, was allowed to speak at a meeting on "Azadi the only way". And the patriotic Indian protesters were arrested while the traitors were given law’s khaki protection.

Geelani, even by a modest definition, is a traitor who has no qualms about accepting Indian money for his medical treatment and getting Indian security for his life, and still abusing Indian democracy and people. He is the one who had more than a hundred Kashmiri youth killed by instigating them to pelt stones while his own kith and kin are enjoying foreign jaunts and a secure future abroad.

And lo and behold, this is what our home minister, P Chidambaram, said, "Geelani will be punished if sedition charges proved". He added that the proceedings of Thursday's seminar had been videographed and the footage was being checked to see if there was any violation of law in Geelani's speech at the seminar organized by sympathizers of Kashmiri separatists.

It’s like taking a picture of a caged jackal and sending it to wildlife experts to "have it examined" and figure out whether it’s a jackal or a rodent.

The seminar’s subject was clear. The organizers and the speakers were known anti-India schemers who abuse Indian democracy and guarantees of freedom of speech. The speeches made at the meeting were dismissive of the Indian state and insulted the spirit of the tricolour. In spite of the evident sedition, the Sonia-Rahul government has decided to go soft and further cause injury to the morale of those soldiers who have been sent to Kashmir by the state power to protect the Constitution and India’s integrity. Why should a soldier fight and die for such an enemy-friendly government? If the voices of sedition are to be allowed to spread venom against the armed forces and patriotic people of India and then the home minister, confused and much-maligned by the Sonia loyalists, issues such ridiculous statements that reflect his "mazboori" to placate the traitors, then at least the armed forces should be spared the humiliation of being the target of both the traitors and the rulers in the valley.

Except during the emergency, I have never seen such a terrified media and a fearful section of the opposition that feels scared to call the bluff of the ruling elite putting Indian security and morale of the forces at its lowest ebb. It was left for the fighting spirit of an opposition leader, Arun Jaitley, to come out with a statement that reflected the anguish of the Indian patriotic people. Where have all other leaders gone? Is the tricolor and its honour the responsibility of just one party? Can the rest can speak in favour of secessionists or maintain silence, looking for the right kind of vote-gathering opportunity? The professor who should have been sent to the gallows for conspiring against the Indian state is seen leading the attack on the nation’s integrity again, rather than feeling grateful to the democratic ironies of our society where the social secular sirens helped him to get a new lease of life.

Freedom of speech cannot be an absolute right etched in stone. Those who made use of this freedom in Delhi to assault the sentiments of millions of Indians do not give this right to anyone in their respective areas of influence. Geelani not only instigates his hired hoodlums to silence the other voices in the valley but is the main instigator to push Kashmir into the black alley of backwardness and Talibanism. He is, by any modest definition, a traitor, who has no qualms about accepting Indian money for his medical treatment and getting Indian security for his life and still abusing Indian democracy and the people.

Freedom of speech has limitations. Hence hate, secessionism and pornography do not constitute essential parts of the right to speak and write. As Stanley Fish puts it, "free speech, in short, is not an independent value but a political prize". No society has yet existed where speech has not been limited to some extent.

I must quote a few lines from the invitation that was circulated for the "Azadi" meeting. It said, "The happenings in Kashmir over the past few months need no retelling. The situation has deteriorated to extreme levels with unarmed civilians, mostly young teenagers, being killed by the Indian armed forces with impunity. The toll from June 11 has reached 109, with the numbers of injured, maimed, and blinded much more. Curfews, bullets, tear smoke have become a routine to suppress the peaceful democratic protests.

"It is important at this juncture to bring the attention towards the fact that the basic issue at hand regarding the Kashmir dispute is the Self-Determination of the people of Jammu & Kashmir, for which they have been steadfast and hence been the target of the repressive military machine of the Indian State. The people of Jammu & Kashmir are clear about the fact that what they want is Azadi, which they have time and again defined in coherent terms of letting them decide their own future.

"The latest people’s resistance — which forms part of recently launched ‘Quit Jammu & Kashmir Movement’ — needs to be viewed as a continuity of the Resistance movement (Tehreek) which the people of Kashmir have been sustaining for over six decades.

"The political dispute vis-a-vis Kashmir need not be confused with the superficial measures like the removal of AFSPA, human rights violations, other draconian acts, stopping of unlawful killings, torture, enforced disappearances, etc. Though all these things do exist and need to be stopped at any cost, they manifest only symptoms of a broader and deeper malaise — militarized governance used to maintain a military occupation of the region by the Indian state, through its armed forces, numbering at least 7,00,000."

Lies, absolute lies. You can talk to an honest enemy. You may have a dialogue with a secessionist who is sticking to his guns with some integrity and conviction. But how can you have a debate with a dishonest pleader?

Who are the people of Jammu & Kashmir waging this "Tehreek"? Is it true that "unarmed civilians" are being killed by the Indian armed forces? Or the violent and hateful stone pelters fell victim to Geelani’s instigations to attack Kashmir police, which is 95% Kashmiri Muslim? Why is the name of Indian armed forces being falsely dragged by these stone pelters' Delhi shields?

Aren't they playing the game of Pakistan by attacking the Indian armed forces, while everyone knows they are not at all at ground zero in the valley and all the active assignments of enforcing the law are being executed by J&K police or by CRPF, that too at the instructions of the state government, which is headed by Omar Abdullah, the "confused Indian and an uncertain Kashmiri" CM.

Who are these people, working as journalist in a mainline paper or dollar gatherer jugglers of words of an anglicized tribe to hold a brief for the "self-determination of the people of Jammu & Kashmir"?
Do they know what constitutes J&K?
Do they even know where Ladakh is?
Do they know the patriotic people of Ladakh? And Jammu? And of the valley too?
A small pro-Pakistan coterie of the Wahhabism, not more than 10% of the entire population of the state, is trying to grab the centre stage through violence and forcefully exiling its minority Hindu community. Why is this factor never discussed by or seen on the radar of "Azadi" seekers and their traitor friends in Delhi and Aligarh Muslim University?

Who is this Wazahat Habibullah, the backroom boy of the ruling family, speaking for the secessionists? Is he trying to repay some kind of a debt to his mentors?

India has fallen victim to a fake state - rulers who are taking the angst and patriotism for granted - inviting an unavoidable storm.

Old 02-Nov-2010
Re: Traitor Arundhati,geelani etc kicked from a seminar in d

Suzanne Arundhati Roys mother is a Keralite Syrian Christian mother who got divorced from her Bengali husband(a tea planter worker by profession).Arundhati Roy could not forgive her Hindu father and her hatred for her father made her a fanatical anti-Hindu woman. She born in Shillong on November 24, 1961.but she moved and spent her childhood in Aymanam in Kerala, (where her mother Mary roy lives)...She got divorced by her first husband, architect Gerard da Cunha then she met her second husband, filmmaker Pradip Krishen, in 1984,,dont know she still lived with him or he also divorced her !
She has who has won big prices with some friendly push from all-pervasive Chrisitan lobbies in the UK/US.

this lady has gone totally mad..... she has to be consult to phsycatris
immediately or either to be admitted to the Mental Hospital soon or send her to ******
she is Bi*ch she speaks same tone wat pakistan says...i dont know why she is still allow to live in india..her dirty a$$ should be kicked way
back only when she supported Terrorist afzal guru....

2 yrs back to she saided kashmir should be given to pakistan...and a uni student thrown slipper on her face...
haaa good..but dont throw slipper ,,,acid should be thrown on like this fraud peoples

she said Kashmir was never a part of India..who the hell is she shitting out in public her individual view on behalf of the whole nation? if she has that much sympathy then why she didn't have any feelings for the kashmiri pandits removed out of their land.. its better she should apply for a permanent citizen of Pakistan.....just for being in lime light after her shameful fall on "narmada bachao andolan" in 2002 against Modi gov.

Old 02-Nov-2010
SHauKeeN GaBRu
Re: Traitor Arundhati,geelani etc kicked from a seminar in d

btw, do u support the killings of innocent Kashmiris??

Old 02-Nov-2010
Re: Traitor Arundhati,geelani etc kicked from a seminar in d

what a irrelevant question !
btw no one will

Old 02-Nov-2010
Re: Traitor Arundhati,geelani etc kicked from a seminar in d

back at topic---

- she justified 9/11 newyork world trade center attack.

- She came first to support kashmiri afzal guru alias Mohammad Afzal, the man accused of conspiring to attack the Indian Parliament on December 13, 2001)...with help of some bribe NGO'S how she bring that terrorist afzal guru wife some Navjot sandhu(now Tabassum Guru), lady from delhi with her 1 year old kid in front of camera and saying plz do mercy on this lady a poor mother of small kid ,as her husband is innocent..lmao... but she never came in front of camera with those police officers family who died in that parliament attack.

- In 2006 She criticizeIsrael and support those terrorist hamas/hizbollah groups

- She defends M F Husain (who draws nude pic of god & goddess) but lambasts Taslima Nasreen (taslima who written truth books about womens life in muslim community)

- she comment after mumbai attack in 2008 that war should not be done with pakistan," Roy warns against war with Pakistan, arguing that it is hard to "pin down the provenance of a terrorist strike and isolate it within the borders of a single nation state", and that war could lead to the "descent of the whole region into chaos".Her remarks were strongly criticized by Sir Salman Rushdie and others, who condemned her for linking the Bombay attacks with Kashmir and economic injustice against Muslims in India;Rushdie specifically criticized Roy for attacking the iconic status of the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower. Indian writer Tavleen Singh called Roy's comments "he latest of her series of hysterical diatribes against India and all things Indian.

- Violation of forest law
In 2003, Arundhati and her husband, were according to The Telegraph informed by Panchmarhi district administration that "a hilltop bungalow her husband owns near Panchmarhi stands on notified forest land and has to be pulled down...on grounds of violation of forest law.".Also named in the case was the sister of Indian novelist Vikram Seth and two forest officials. Arundhati’s husband bought the 4,346 sq ft (403.8 m2) plot in 1994.
W0000o she who screams about forest and tribal land and illegally occupies the same.

- She has criticized Government's armed actions against the Naxalite-Maoist insurgents in India.Calling Maoists Gandhians with guns is so intelligence of her. ...bloddy terrorist moist supporter.

- She criticize Sri lankan in 2009 for attacking those LTTE terrorist..She also mentioned that the "Government of Sri Lanka is on the verge of committing what could end up being genocide''.........
Ruvani Freeman, a Sri Lankan writer called Roy's remarks "ill-informed and hypocritical" and criticized her for "whitewashing the atrocities of the LTTE

- she even rase question of that batla house encounter in delhi on Nov 2008..where jamia university terrorist studenst was hideing..and in which Inspector M C Sharma's got killed by those terrorist.

And after not getting to much of limelight she open her dirty mouth again in delhi seminar held by her and those pro pakistani Hurriyat (G) chairman, Syed Ali Shah Geelani (who have 9o FIR hanging on his head) and thrown a stupid lines like "kashmir is not the integral part of india"

She speaks the same tone wat the gov/generals saying from the other side of the border.

She supports Maoists who are agents of China, now she is supporting Kashmiri Separatists (a minority group in Kashmir) who are agents of Pakistan. She should be banned from all social gatherings in India, should be sued and thrown into Jail If she had said like this in other countries she would have been prosecuted till now.

Leave Pakistan, ask her to stay in Kashmir if she so much relates with the so called pain of the mindless separatist elements and calls the brave Jawans in Kashmir as Indian Occupation.
Throwing slippers is not just a way to tackle such 'radical' useless people who abuse and attack our country almost every now and then? She should be better paraded all over New Delhi on a Donkey..
She isn't someone who can't build a public opinion for good or for development and positive goals. She has always been anti-national, against the minority Kashmiri Pandits, and continues to appease the majority community in Kashmir and now even Pakistan, the capital of Global Islamic Terror.
So rightly this is just another booker her way.. I think this 1 lakh should be utilised to buy some books on 'Kashmir' and its original inhabitants 'Kashmiri pandits'and donate it to this Arundhati Roy, so that she learns history well.
It is worthless to seek media attention and jump into the separtist camp asking for 'aazadi' and further even for merging 'Kashmir' with terrorist state 'Pakistan'. She has gone terribly wrong..
Let her live on LOC for one month..and she will get her 'Aazadi' from her same Islamic Revolutionaries..

Old 03-Nov-2010
Re: Traitor Arundhati,geelani etc kicked from a seminar in d

lol.............RSS is pissed off.
Roy is taking all the limelight, RSS and their allies with their fake agenda of Hindu Nation are not getting much footage now-a-days.

Old 08-Nov-2010
Re: Traitor Arundhati,geelani etc kicked from a seminar in d

rubbish comments against a country and only some group getting pissed shows the mentality of a loosers.... hope people see and move in others political forums or atleast check the debates on any news channel going on @ that time..everyone was against it... except handful of some traitors..plus 1 old khalistani guy was too there in that seminar hmmmm..
and those who was screaming of some sikh nation .. wat happen to them 2 decade back,world knows lol

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