Terror Strikes On Bacha Khan University, Students Targeted Again

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Old 21-Jan-2016
Miss Alone
Terror Strikes On Bacha Khan University, Students Targeted Again

Security forces have ended a gun and bomb attack on a university in north-west Pakistan in which 25 people were killed and 50 injured. However there has been confusion over who committed this act of terror. Initial reports suggested it was TTP, however TTP’s main spokesperson has condemned the attacks and the misinformation which is being spread.

Frud Bezhan ✔ @FrudBezhan
#Pakistan: TTP spokesman, Muhammad Khorasani, rejects responsibility for #BachaKhanUniversity Another, Umer Mansour, claims responsibility
2:55 PM - 20 Jan 2016


1.) The presence of large number of students who had gathered for the impending occasion on Tuesday to remember Ghaffar Khan had further heightened fears of the potential life loss.

Raza Ahmad Rumi @Razarumi
Oh Lord. Reportedly there are 3000 students inside the university. Pls pray for their safety.
#Pakistan #KP

10:49 AM - 20 Jan 2016

2.) The terrorists allegedly entered from the back side of the university, the foggy conditions was exploited by terrorists to make their entry into the university unnoticed.

3.) The terrorists fired indiscriminately on students and professors leading to as many as 25 deaths and 50 people getting injured.

4.) The military have since brought the situation under control however there are still reports of firing inside the university.

■Death toll could have been worse
According to reports from the ground, the scale of loss of lives could have been much worse. The university founded recently in 2012 was a perceived soft target due to the isolated location and the vast agricultural fields around the University. According to reports from the ground, the terrorists were killed before they could detonate their suicide vests.

TY Khan @TayyabYounis
Brothers hug each other outside Bacha Khan University #Charsadda
11:43 AM - 20 Jan 2016

■India condemns
Reactions from India have largely been that of solidarity with the victims of the dreadful attack, with the Prime Minister and many other leading politicians and leaders conveying their message of condolence.

Smita Prakash ✔ @smitaprakash
Horrible horrible visuals on Pakistan TV of panic stricken parents outside #BachaKhanUniversity terrorists entered campus, firing reported
11:14 AM - 20 Jan 2016

barkha dutt ✔ @BDUTT
Horrific news coming out of Pakistan as terrorists strike #BachaKhanUniversity. What sort of depravity drives these men...
11:20 AM - 20 Jan 2016

Naveen Jindal ✔ @MPNaveenJindal
The terrorist attack on #BachaKhanUniversity is extremely horrendous. Prayers for the safety of students, faculty and staff.
11:59 AM - 20 Jan 2016

■Pakistan has expressed shock

Sobia Baji @PTILover12
Prayers for everyone in #BachaKhanUniversity #Charsadda
10:55 AM - 20 Jan 2016

Sidra Iqbal @SidraIqbal
We can't even come close to imagining what the loved ones of the 3600+ students, staff & visitors at #BachaKhanUniversity are going thru..
11:37 AM - 20 Jan 2016

Sobia Baji @PTILover12
Praying to God with all my heart for the safety of all those within the University Campus. #Charsadda #BachaKhanUniversity
10:56 AM - 20 Jan 2016

Terror attacks no matter where it happens, be it Mumbai, Djakarta or Peshwar, the victims are only innocent human beings. The Logical Indian community would like to convey our sincere prayers to the families of the deceased. It is quite evident Pakistan should re-look and re-assert their commitment towards ending terrorism. We request all the stake holders of the Asia to come together and chart a road map to root out terrorists and bring an end to innocents losing their lives to mindless terrorists. Let the governments take a pledge to not to lose any more innocent lives due to terror attacks.

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