Sach Ka Samna: The problem with Truth

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Old 02-Aug-2009
Arrow Sach Ka Samna: The problem with Truth

It’s a show made for Raja Harishchandra.

But then reality TV is not exactly known for bringing out the real person in the participant perspiring for the prize. And this is not ‘satyuga’.

Maybe that’s why no one has yet hit the jackpot on Sach Ka Samna. Or maybe the producers have another truth behind it which concerns money not morality.

Now saying the truth is not a new concept- we are aware of its simple merits since the days of Rama, and it was given a cool shade by Bapu’s white drapes. And unlike the copied format of Moment of Truth, the idea of being honest is khalis desi: ‘Satyam Vada, Dharmam Chara’ goes a Vedic hymn.

So what’s the breaking news about a new show that encourages people to speak the truth? One would expect parents to lovingly tell their little monsters to grow up and win the Rs 1cr cheque from the stern & suave Rajeev Khandelwal.

The only problem that fly-swatting, scalp-rubbing intellectual types could have is that it takes Rs 1 cr for folks to put it out straight and unfuzzy. Black & White. That is enough to take away all the wind from the puffed up chests of a ‘truthful’ nation like ours.

Channel-flicking, soap-suckers may wrack their eroded brains thinking why would any one want to reveal whether they have wanted to sleep with their hubby’s friend in the hubby’s presence on the sets? Or why would anyone choose to spill the beans on their illegitimate children on national TV?

Their curiosity about dirty linen has given a sharp boost to the sagging fortunes of Star Plus. Which ofcourse makes one nclude that we are basically a pervert voyeuristic creed interested in knowing the darkest and stupidest moments in the life of everyone which is not us- including Fiza (Chand Mohammad’s on-&-off wife irritating her co-junglees on Mujhe Iss Jungle Se Bachao) and Rakhi Sawant who may get married and settle down in the neighbourhood of my north Delhi locality. Oh Jejus!

Curiously, the show is placed in the same time slot where the legendary Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi once occupied the position of pride.

Ironically, the saris and kurtas and sindoors and namasteys that made some think satyuga had made a U-turn is now replaced by sari-clad women and septuagenarian grandpas coming clean on their fantasies.

Even Smriti Irani of the sari-clad-even-while-sleeping-fame-Tulsi has objected to the show. Ofcourse the truth that her own comedy show is worse than the Laughter Challenge may be the reason of her anger towards her once co-star Rajeev who, she thinks, looks disturbed in asking questions. He may now find this amusing, and I am hoping doesn’t burst into laughter while asking ‘Did you feel happy when your dog died?’ on his show.

But our elders in the House are not amused. No, I am not talking about your naani, who is sulking for having been politely thrown out of yet another reality show called ‘India’s Got Talent’ by a guffawing Kirron Kher in open hair and forehead defying bindis. I mean honorable Members of Rajya Sabha.

Yes they are watching a lot of TV and they don’t like Sach Ka Samna one bit. And they don’t want you to watch it.

Among others, Samajwadi Party’s Kamal Akhtar stopped all other business concerning the people of India to raise what the Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha said was a ‘serious issue’- obscene questions being asked about the participants’ personal lives before their family members.

BJP ofcourse brought in the ‘Indian culture in danger’ refrain to a discussion that promptly led the Government to issue a notice to the channel airing the truthful show.

It is not immediately clear what was the exact problem of the MPs. Was it the ‘obscene’ questions? May be they want questions like ‘What’s your favourite party symbol?’ or ‘Do you brush your teeth daily?’ to replace the more direct ones like ‘Did you see male strippers naked and get erec…er…I mean happy?’

Or may be one of the MPs participated on the show and is now dreading all the cats he let out while on the hot seat. Imagine what the SP chap would have said about his party’s snuggling up with the UPA last year…or what Narendra Modi might have revealed!

This latest parliamentary halla follows another one, not on the issues of roti and paani- Sharad Yadav who is opposed to the original women’s reservation bill let loose his ire on Balika Vadhu in the Lok Sabha early this month.

Whatever be the case, this latest small screen rage has brought a lot of people face to face with their own truths and that may not be a very good feeling if you happen to be Bobby darling, who also participated. It has brought forth another issue- people in this country want to know the truth, but aren’t sure about facing its consequences.

That’s saying something in the land of Gandhi, Buddha and Govinda from ‘Kyunki Main Jhooth Nahi Bolta’.

That humans were never comfortable with truth even though it would set them free was a known fact, but they don’t even want others to embrace it is a new and twisted sign of the times we live in.

Old 02-Aug-2009
Re: Sach Ka Samna: The problem with Truth

Old 02-Aug-2009
neRv Ge
Re: Sach Ka Samna: The problem with Truth

i love this show too ..sareyan di pol khul jandi aa

Old 14-Sep-2009
Re: Sach Ka Samna: The problem with Truth

Thanks Dear

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