Rahul Mahajan Is Getting Married

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Old 08-Feb-2010
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Post Rahul Mahajan Is Getting Married

According to stories that have surfaced all over, Rahul Mahajan had a bitter separation with his ex-wife Shweta. But Rahul says, “It’s not that we talk every day but we are friends and we do talk to each other occasionally. We never forget to wish each other on our respective birthdays.”

However, he refuses to talk about what went wrong between them. “Sometimes two great people just do not get along. I don’t like to speak about it in public but I guess it was just wrong timing.”

After the troubled end of his marriage, his family took a little time to come to terms with life but things seem to be fine now. “After my divorce, my mother wanted me to get married again. In fact, she was trying hard to find a suitable partner for me. So, when I told her about the idea of getting married on television, she was more than happy. People meet through websites, while clubbing and by other means. I am just doing it on a bigger scale and on a public platform,” explains Rahul.

What about rumours of dating actor Payal Rohatgi? “We never dated each other. She is just a good friend,” he asserts.

The show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge received more than 16,000 applications and a select few will compete on the silver screen to woo him. “As a person, I am honest, fun loving and genuine. I know girls will like me because I like to be myself,” he says. Last year, Rakhi Ka Swayamvar became the highest TRP grabber. However, she ditched the audience and they (Rakhi and Elesh) are not together anymore. “I am not responsible for what Rakhi did last year. I think it’s unfair to compare me with her since we are not interconnected in any way. I am going to get married for sure,” ends Rahul.

Old 09-Feb-2010
Re: Rahul Mahajan Is Getting Married

The show Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayenge received more than 16,000 applications
he is male version of BAKWASS rakhi sawant....
For name and fame ,to come in televison like these cheap women can do anything..proven again and agian.....these dumb womens they dont know his background...he caught haveing drugs he even beat up his delhi wife brutually and divorced her(the marriage stands just for 2/3 months)... whole media was showeing this..with tittle rahul cruelty on a women..now these media channel...NDTV imagine makeing a show with him.....BASTARDS

Old 19-Feb-2010
Re: Rahul Mahajan Is Getting Married


Old 20-Feb-2010
Re: Rahul Mahajan Is Getting Married