Pak terrorists fire rockets at Punjab border villa

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Old 18-Jul-2009
Post Pak terrorists fire rockets at Punjab border villa

Pak terrorists fire rockets at Punjab border villages

6 July 2009
AMRITSAR: Pakistan-based terrorists attacked two villages, Dhandae and Baherwal, in Attari block in Amritsar with rockets late on Saturday night, injuring one youth and spreading panic in the region. One of the three rockets fell within the Pakistani territory.

This is the first time that Indian villages along the International Border have been targeted during peace time from Pakistani soil. It was on March 30 this year that 12 armed Taliban terrorists had attacked the Manawan Police Academy in Pakistan's Punjab, barely 8km from the Indian border (and about 10km from the two villages), and killed eight people. Three of the attackers wearing suicide jackets then blew themselves up, while four were caught and taken to an undisclosed destination.

"On Saturday night, around 9.50pm, three rockets were fired from the Pakistani side of which two landed in Dhandae and Baherwal villages close to the International Border. A youth was injured,'' said BSF Inspector General Himmat Singh.

Saying the rockets could have been fired by Pakistan-based terror groups, IG Himmat Singh said, "We held a commandant-level meeting on Saturday night with Pakistan Rangers and conveyed our strong protest." He also said Pakistan Rangers assured them of an investigation into the incident.

BSF officers said the rocket must have covered at least 4.5km, which means it must have been fired from a site 2km inside Pakistan. They also said the attack could have been a retaliatory action to the killing of a Pakistani intruder, presumably a Taliban member or from some other terrorist group, by BSF on Saturday afternoon near the border fence.
The attack poses a serious threat to thousands of locals as well as tourists who visit the Attari checkpost to watch the Beating Retreat ceremony. The BSF does not have the weaponry or defence system to thwart such rocket attacks from across the border.

The rocket in Dhandae fell in an irrigated paddy field and exploded, leaving a crater about 10 feet wide. Residents panicked and rushed out of their homes for safety. A part of the paddy field was also burnt. Senior BSF, Army and police officials soon reached the spot.

Dilbagh Singh (24), an eyewitness who received splinter injuries, said, "I saw a ball of fire falling in the paddy field and then something hit my leg. I got scared and limped away from the site."

Another eyewitness Sukhwinder Kaur said, "We panicked and ran out of our homes as it seemed like Pakistan had attacked us. What if the rocket had hit our houses?" she asked.

BSF found the tail of the rocket and another part bearing a mark, `07R'. Some BSF jawans said they saw the rocket at a height of about 300 metres from ground level coming in from the Pakistani side on Saturday night. Further measures to strengthen the security along the border are being taken.



Old 18-Jul-2009
Wink Re: Pak terrorists fire rockets at Punjab border v

pak sponsors terrorism..dog tail never get straight.... uttron kuch aur tah andhro kuch hor 99.99 %

well some nice comments i have found regarding to this.... READ IT

Frustrated Sardar,Amritsar Punjab,says:I used to live very close to these villiages, and I can tell you that people on the border are not coward, if Indian govt can not protect them, atleast they can give us weapons and then watch what we Punjabi can do with these so call "Jahadi's". And we don't need any (people's war group crap), we are capable enough to take care of these things, if Indian govt. can provide us advanced arms and weapons, we can fire back the rockets where they are coming from, but our govt. is too soft......makes me sick

shwetha menon,mumbai,says:The day Congress won it was decided, such incidents will continue as the world knows India is now wearing Bangles with a Lethargic govt. to rule us. Congress is good only in Sabotage and Media activities. It cannot help the AAM AADMI other than just fooling

Dr Tarashankar Rudra,India,says:Dear Sir/Madam, It is a matter of great concern that now Pakistan is dishonoring the International border and targeting innocent civilians in Punjab. After their failure to tame the Taliban and other terrorist groups operating from their soil and drawing flak from the International community, Pakistan is desperate in its effort to provoke India. I would strongly request OUR Government to talk to all friendly democratic countries in EU, US, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Japan to prevent such strikes on innocent civilians.

Venu K,Hyderabad,says:So what the crap is govt doing? INDIANS YOU DESERVE THIS FOR SELECTING CONGRESS AGAIN. MORE HELL DAYS TO COME AHEAD. A DAY WILL COME WHEN YOU'LL CRY THAT WHY YOU SELECTED CONGRESS. SHAME ON INDIANS FIRST... My motherland is in grave danger and I can't do a shit to help her..

Jai Ho !,Mumbai,says:What more do we expect from this government? Now where is the Pakistan Rangers, the Border Security Force, if these terrorists can fire rockets from across the borders, that means it is done with full backing of the Paki authorities. And the Congress is calling for TROOP REDUCTIONS IN KASHMIR??????? Fantastic, Some commonsense being used over here.

ARINDAM SINHA,KOLKATA,says:The time has come to act against the Pakistan for their misdeeds. We Indians are peace loving nation but we can sit back and say soft words whenever Pakistan attack. We Indian belive in our epic to give love and earn love but it seems that our neighbour Pakistan did not understand the word of love and harmony.Now the time has come to teach Pakistan what the smae thing has been done by the Lord Shree Krishna against the Kauravas for thei misdeeds. This will be a Dhram yudh againts the Kauravs(Pakistan)


Arif Khan,USA,says:You guys miss the point ENTIRELY...The Terrorist who are being CRUSHED by the Pakistan Army have become desparate and will do anything to start a PROBLEM between India/Pak...and most people in this site are falling for it??? Whats wrong with your CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS??? Pakistan GOVt is not your Enemy the Terrorists are and we have to be cool and fight them collectively

surya,CA, USA,says:rotfl. Mr. Rashid (from chennai), what is that: "the hindu-zionist"!!!

Kartik,London,says:Dear Editor, Mr rashid is not from Chennai, He shows the characteristics of the common pakistani side punjab citizen who are all brainwashed into believing that India is the villian no matter how much scum they have in their own country. No wonder every one of such people give such baseless horrendous comments.

Umesh,delhi,says:Rashid's comments are incredible, while he being an indian and livign in india with the freedom he would have never enjoyed in Pakistan.. it was totally absured. Am sure if somebody can trace him, they will definitely find out that guy is getting some terror preach from the terrorists who sneeked down to the sounth india as mentioned by some media! check him out...

Ravindra Sathe,Kazakhstan,says:I find a comment by some Mr Rashid from Chennai. Such comments from people living in India, eating salt of the land are absolutely unacceptable. Such people, Mr Rashid included, should be immediately arrested, interrogated as to their credentials and either charged with treason or forthwith deported to Pakistan. The country will be better without them.

Vijay,USA,says:To "A Pakistani,Melbourne"...you guys have some story to tell to justify every terrorist attack. Remeber the stories your government told to justify Mumbai attacks.

JP,USA,says:What can you expect from congress government? Violence, loot, deaths are part of lifestyle in India today.

Khalsa,Bharat,says:Its a copy cat act of Hizbollah against Israel! the taliban has copies the same and using against india. Pakistan and India are at such a position in terms of conventional and nuke arsenal that india cannot afford to act against pak in military terms because of the nuke blackmail! india has lost the moment when it should have bombed the KRL with israeli help! now both india and pakistan have nukes, so no more conflict, just blackmail. though india can re-start its covert ops in baluchistan and sindh by providing "moral, political and financial" support to people in these two provinces of pakistan! Time to change the game with the change of times! Jai Hind

Siddhu,canada,says:I am calling Mr.Narendra Modi

Sandeep,Noida,says: The Congress does not work immediately and also never. SO after some times people forgot the issue and congress enjoy. "INACTION IS ALSO AN ACTION".

Shallabh,Bangalore,says:I'm amused Pakistani Army is turned into Pakistani terrorists.. what an idea sirjee..

ajay sharma,ohio, usa,says:How many more proofs Pakistan wants to prove that terrorists using their soil for attacks on India. More importantly, for how long India will remain silent before making any decisive blow against terrorist camps in Pakistan territory? UPA-led government now increasing petrol and diesel prizes too, they are incapable of taking decisions against perpetrators of terrorism in India, they are incapable of protecting sovereignty of India. India likes to copy US, however, its baffling that why they are not following US in war against terrorism. Look at Americans, they followed terrorists in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan...why cannot we Indians? We have every right to protect our borders.

Old 18-Jul-2009
Re: Pak terrorists fire rockets at Punjab border v

ehna ne kutt khani hun

Old 18-Jul-2009
Re: Pak terrorists fire rockets at Punjab border v

laaton ke bhoot baaton se nahi maante

Old 19-Jul-2009
Re: Pak terrorists fire rockets at Punjab border v


Old 15-Aug-2011
Re: Pak terrorists fire rockets at Punjab border villa

What kind of PM does India have now.Sigh!!

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