London Getting World’s Largest McDonald’s

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Old 06-Jun-2012
London Getting World’s Largest McDonald’s

Just in time for the Summer Games, London is opening an Olympic-sized McDonald’s on site. The 30,000 square foot complex–equivalent to half the size of an American football stadium according to Daily Mail–will seat 1,500 hungry customers and athletes, statistics which award the up-and-coming “golden arches” the gold medal for capacity and crown it the largest McDonald’s in the world.

Olympic chiefs waived the obvious concerns the presence of the fast food chain has raised in regards to encouraging a healthy lifestyle–a theme the London officials have thus far been supporting, Daily Mail remarks. This gives the will-be megaplex full right to serve the 50,000 Big Macs, 100,000 orders of fries, and 30,000 milkshakes the restaurant’s UK corporate is estimating it will sell throughout the course of the Games.

“McDonald’s has been a supporter of the Olympic movement and sport in general for decades,” a member of the Olympic team informed Daily Mail. ”Whilst there will be a number of McDonald’s restaurants on the Park, this will be alongside a diverse and full-range of other local food offerings which we are committed to providing. We will cater to the wide range of people attending the Games, from athletes to spectators.”

UK McDonald’s corporate is calculating one in five of those people will eat at McDonald’s.

The franchise’s history with the Games dates back to 1968, when the company became a sponsor of the Games and flew hamburgers to appease home-sick American athletes in Grenoble, France. For the last nine consecutive games, McDonald’s has been recognized as the official restaurant of the Games and as “only branded food retailer feeding the athletes.” To date, athletes consume the fare before competing with Usain Bolt, last year’s Gold medal winner in the 100 meters, actually endorsing chicken McNuggets as a contributor to his success.

“I woke around 11am and decided to watch some TV and had some nuggets. Then I slept for a couple of hours more. Then I got some more nuggets and came to the track,” Bolt said.

McDonald’s is poised to encourage repeat behavior this year, as it will open three additional outlets on the premises, one of which will occupy a spot in the athletes’ village in Stratford, East London.

Food will be prepared with ingredients from 17,500 local English and Irish farms, and 470 employees will staff the 30,000 square foot location alone. An additional team of 2,000–its largest to date–will serve athletes and observers behind the counters throughout the month.

McDonald’s UK chief called the development “hugely exciting.”

At least she got the first part right.