Iran buying off indian jouralist: WikiLeaks

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Old 21-Dec-2010
Angry Iran buying off indian jouralist: WikiLeaks

US scathing about India's security forces & Iran buying off indian joural: WikiLeaks

NewDelhi:The US may have emerged as a key partner in counter-terror efforts post-26/11, but it has a very dim view of the capabilities of Indian security forces. It also felt till a couple of years ago that India was reluctant to have an effective anti-terror partnership because of suspicions about the US’s policies towards Pakistan, its independent foreign policy stance and sensitivities over Muslim sentiments.

“India’s police and security forces are overworked and hampered by bad police practices, including widespread use of torture in interrogations, rampant corruption, poor training, and a general inability to conduct solid forensic investigations,” the US embassy observed in a cable it sent on Febaruary 23, 2007, after a not-so-satisfactory meet of an Indo-US counter-terrorism joint working group.

The memo further said, “India’s security forces also regularly cut corners to avoid working through the lagging justice system, which has approximately 13 judges per million people. Thus Indian police officials often do not respond to our requests for information about attacks or our offers of support because they are covering up poor practices, rather than rejecting our help outright.” The communication, disclosed in the cable, refers to the US unease over the arrest of a computer expert, Mukesh Saini, who was working with India’s National Counter Terrorism Centre, and was held on charges of spying for Americans.
The US’s acting coordinator for counter-terrorism, Frank Urbancic, took up the matter with his Indian interlocutor, K C Singh, then an additional secretary in the MEA. Urbancic called Saini a key working-level interlocutor at the NCTC, dismissed the espionage charge and said his arrest had cast a “negative shadow” on the functioning of the counter-terror working group.

Snatches from top secret US diplomatic cables from Delhi to Washington
On counter-terror efforts | India is “very keen” to get information and technology from the US for counter-terror efforts but provides “little in return”
On policing & forensics post Mumbai terror | Indian police “hampered by bad practices, inability to conduct solid forensic investigations”
On PC’s Headley demand | “I have a feeling in my bones that Headley was not acting alone,” Chidambaram is quoted as saying in a cable while seeking access to the 26/11 plotter
On Pak reaction to India’s restraint post-26/11 | A Pak high commission official in Delhi had praised India for acting “responsibly and maturely”
On Iran’s influence growing in India
“Iran has been buying off journalists, clerics and editors in Shia-populated areas of UP and Kashmir, doling out large sums... Iran is focusing on elite audiences in Delhi”

Old 21-Dec-2010
Re: Iran buying off indian jouralist: WikiLeaks

i know indian media is mostly loyal to congrass gov and is ctrl by christian missionaries and funders from western world....therefore we see mostly fake sting operation against saints or other some majority relgious leaders only ... but not a single breaking news flashes about christian nun's and fathery scandals in india ... or those terrorist activity done by mullahs in hyderabad,bengal,jamia university & masjid of delhi ,, terrorist training camps in jungle of kerala(as by kerala police exposed it recently) and so on......

They wont as these journalism is been bribed/funded and ctrl from outside india,,,, missionaries,that arab groups and now iran trying too

it remind me of some lines from an article....
by Mohammed Wajihuddin
The rise of Wahabism through fund-flushed Saudi Arabia also tremendously encouraged the burqa culture in India. The Saudis began funding conservative Islam, also called petrodollar Islam, mainly through Indian madrassas. “When I was a child, I had never seen so many burqas in the streets. In the last two decades or so, the burqa has become almost customary among a big section of Muslim society. It is the Wahabi influence,” says Noorjehan Safia Naaz of Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan.

“Iran has been buying off journalists, clerics and editors in Shia-populated areas of UP and Kashmir, doling out large sums... Iran is focusing on elite audiences in Delhi”

delhi is most stupid rapist place of india...if it was the city of brave and with little of brain then everytime congrASS has been never ruled there !
Fraud delhi CM sheila dickshit and corrupted commonwealth scam leaders like kalmadi,,,,,rioters/those congress leaders who killed innocent sikhs in 1984 jagdish tyler,sajjan kumar etc hometown is delhi... aha that b*tch sonia to lives in delhi...proved terrorist like afzal guru to got saved because of delhi gov congress and with bribe NGO's along with rascal suzaane arundhatti roy,,,,,, these fuddu delhi people was also quiet when those traitors arundhatti roy and gellani did azadi conference in middle of delhi,,, only kashmiri refugee pandits in delhi along with bjp supporters bash them from that conference...... Shame @ gay delhi people,they only comes when its time to celebrate christmas/new year,, valentine day or some gay rights/parade......

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