Harbhajans nephew killed Aus racial atta

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Old 01-Jun-2009
Lightbulb Harbhajans nephew killed Aus racial atta

harbhajans nephew killed aus racial attack ....

bhajji's nephew Killed in "Aus raxial attack" in may ---- Body thrown on Railway Track

Amid racial attacks on Indian students in Australia, cricketer Harbhajan Singh's cousin alleged on Saturday that an Australian taxi driver has killed his son in Melbourne and thrown the body on a railway track.
Harbhajan's cousin Jagjit Singh claimed that his 26-year-old son Upkar Singh Babbal, who went to Australia in 2004 to pursue a course in hospitality management, was killed in a racist attack in Melbourne on May 7.
Singh said as per the statements of Babbal's friends in Australia, he was killed by an Australian taxi driver who threw his body on the railway track in Melbourne.

more -

Indian students take out rally in Australia against racial attacks
Indians living in Australia demand justice for the victims of recent assaults.

MELBOURNE: Shaken by a wave of racial assaults, thousands of Indian students and supporters rallied here on Sunday, demanding justice for victims Indians living in Australia demand justice for the victims of recent assaults. (Reuters Photo)
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of recent attacks as Australia scrambled to contain the rising anger and frustration within the community.

The `peace rally', organized by the Federation of Indian Students in Australia (FISA) and National Union of Students among others, kicked off from outside the Royal Melbourne Hospital, where 25-year-old Shravan Kumar has been admitted since May 9 when he was stabbed with a screwdriver by a group of teenagers. The protesters had something to cheer about as doctors pronounced Kumar, who had slipped into a coma, ``out of danger''.

``He (Kumar) has come out of coma and moved his hands,'' said T J Rao, a former consul-general of India in Melbourne who participated in the rally.

Kumar has been taken off life support but Rao added that doctors were unsure if the 25-year-old would recover fully.
The marchers numbering over 5,000 walked down to the Victorian Parliament House on Spring street, holding placards with slogans reading `We want Justice', `We are the Economy Builders' and `End Racist Attacks'. Joined by state opposition leader Ted Baillieu and other leading community members, the marchers proposed to hand over their list of demands to lawmakers but that did not materialize.

'Petrol bomb hurled' at Indian youth in Australia

MELBOURNE: In a fresh attack targeting Indians in Australia, a student suffered up to 30% burns after a suspected petrol bomb was hurled at him in
his home in Sydney.

According to local newspaper for Indian community, South Asia Times, 25-year-old Rajesh Kumar was quickly covered by a blanket by his flatmate after the attack yesterday, an act which saved him from further injuries.

Kumar was sitting on his bed in the front room of his rented house when an unknown person threw what neighbours say was a small petrol bomb through his window. The explosion and subsequent fire left Kumar with burns to a third of his body.

The latest attack came as Shravan Kumar, a 25-year-old student from Andhra Pradesh, was fighting for life in a hospital here after being stabbed by a screwdriver by a group of teens in a weekend attack that also left three of his friends injured. Doctors have said they were not very optimistic about Kumar's recovery.

Another student Baljinder Singh, stabbed by two attackers with a screwdriver early this week, has been released from hospital today.

A New South Wales Fire Brigades spokesman said Rajesh Kumar's flatmate Arminder Singh did the right thing when he grabbed a blanket and threw it over his friend, helping to extinguish the flames.

"He was crying, on fire. He lay down on the ground and I put the blanket on him," Singh said adding "I told him everything was going to be OK. He was asking: 'Is my face OK?"

Singh, 33, said he was halfway between the laundry and kitchen when he heard the sound of smashing glass and his friend screaming. He and another flatmate, Chander Mohan, said they saw Kumar run out of his bedroom and out the front door with his back and arms on fire.

Singh and Mohan said the attack was terrifying. "We could not sleep, we could not eat all night," Singh said.

Old 01-Jun-2009
Re: Harbhajans nephew killed Aus racial

Headline -
'20 racial attacks on Indians in Sydney in a month'

Don't go to Australia: Indian victim to students

Attacks on Indian students not racial: Australian official lol
MELBOURNE: The attacks on Indian students in the Australian city of Melbourne were not racially motivated, an official said on Friday, adding "we
think they are vulnerable, we don't think it's racial".

Deputy Commissioner Kieran Walshe said there was no indication that a rise in assaults and robberies against Indian students in Melbourne's west was due to "race hate".

He said there was a perception that Indian people were weak prey for criminals. "I don't think they are (racist crimes) in general ... more opportunistic activity.”

"We think they are vulnerable, we don't think it's racial, we think they are a weak target," Walshe told The Herald Sun.

Walshe said the Footscray Embona Taskforce was working with representatives of Melbourne's Indian community to catch those responsible for the attacks.

Three attacks on Indian students have taken place in quick succession, with the first incident being reported May 9.

Sravan Kumar Theerthala, a 25-year-old Indian student who was assaulted on Sunday in Melbourne along with three other students, is battling for his life in intensive care unit in a hospital.

Theerthala, who hails from Andhra Pradesh, went to Melbourne to study two years ago.

The attackers allegedly hurled racist abuses at Indian students and hit them with a screwdriver.

Another Indian student Baljinder Singh was robbed and stabbed in Melbourne on Monday.

Singh had left a railway station when two men carrying weapons approached him and demanded money. As he searched through his bag to hand over his wallet he was stabbed in the abdomen, Herald Sun reported.

He said: "They just laughed when they stabbed me in the stomach. They laughed at me...I was screaming 'don't kill me, don't kill me'."

Australian police on Thursday arrested two teenagers over the beating of yet another Indian student on a Melbourne train.

Sourabh Sharma, 21, was beaten by a group of young men as he travelled on a train May 9, Herald Sun reported.

Sharma suffered a fractured cheek bone and a broken tooth in the attack, which was captured on closed circuit television cameras.He said he was also racially abused and robbed during the attack.

In the latest attack, a student suffered up to 30% burns after a suspected petrol bomb was hurled at him in his home in Sydney.

Kumar was sitting on his bed in the front room of his rented house when an unknown person threw what neighbours say was a small petrol bomb through his window. The explosion and subsequent fire left Kumar with burns to a third of his body.

Five teenagers held for attacks on Indian students in Australia
MELBOURNE: Five teenagers have been charged for two separate attacks on Indian students in this Australian city, as an official held the assaults
were not racially motivated. One teenager was charged with attempted murder over the attack with a screwdriver on 25-year-old Sravan Kumar Theerthala who is battling for his life, while four others were charged with brutally beating up Sourabh Sharma, 21, on a train

Old 01-Jun-2009
Re: Harbhajans nephew killed Aus racial

Panicky students drop plans to study in Oz -- GOOOD

Travel agents ready to sponsor Australia trip for injured Shravan's father

Parents of Indian students seek UN intervention -
BHUBANESWAR: Worried over increasing racial attacks, parents in Orissa of Indian students studying in Australia, have sought the intervention of UN
to prevent such incidents.

"The UN must intervene as such incidents may take place in other countries where Indian students are doing extremely well," said D C Dagara, whose son is studying for a MBA degree at Adelaide.

Stating that all the 16 students from Orissa including a girl in Australia were safe, the parents attributed the attacks to financial recession.

"Though there is racial discrimination in Australia, it had never taken a violent turn till recession hit the country," an Oriya student from Deakin university said over phone.

Besides Australia, there were thousands of Indian students in the United States, Canada, Russia and in European countries.

"We feel Indian students in other countries may also face a similar situation," he said.

India calls for swift action against attacks in Australia -
NEW DELHI: As incidents of violence against its students in Australia continue unabated, an angry India called upon authorities in that country to
take swift measures to stop the atrocity.
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh raised the issue with his Australian counterpart Kevin Rudd. The Australian PM had called Singh to congratulate him for having taken over again as prime minister, but that did not prevent Singh from taking up the issue with him.

Aussie students flood Net with hate posts- beer pehkeh
Snapshots of inter-racial harmony and campus-cosmopolitanism are for the university prospectus. Online posts on message boards by local
Australian students spew hate against foreign students. One of them says, "they don't even know how to move out of the bloody way." Another says, "too many Muslims."

A message board asking students what they hated about their university in Australia showed that a remarkable number had one pet hate: overseas students. One answer was, "too many fobs" - as in "freshly off the boats".
There is an entire series of posts specifying what the local students exactly hate about their overseas counterparts. The list of complaints is long: they "only speak Asian to each other"; "they're snobs"; "they don't understand English." Their biggest crime, apparently, is to "gather in a hugea** group of 10 plus and just stand and block a common walking area." Several posts mention it.

One exceptionally vitriolic message says, "I hate how there are too many international students. Some are fine and dandy, if i have to, ill get along with them fine, but if they come in groups of 10 or so its ***king hard to walk past them. Especially since they don't even know how to move out of the bloody way and have some courtesy!"

Old 01-Jun-2009
Re: Harbhajans nephew killed Aus racial

Sydney shame:20 curry bashing cases in 30 days -
Melbourne: An Indian community leader has claimed that over 20 incidents of "curry bashing" have taken place in Sydney in the past 30 days, and said there is an urgent need to address the issue as most students are reluctant to lodge any complaint out of fear.
Yadu Singh, the head of a committee that has been formed to address concerns about the welfare of Indian students in Australia, also revealed that more than 100 attacks on Indian youths were feared to have taken place in the last 12 months.

Singh, a Sydney-based cardiologist, said the attacks had grown over the last four years and there was an urgent need to address the issue. "There is a term 'curry bashing' for such incidents... and it is used as 'lets go curry bashing'."
"They (the attacks) are not random at all, the people are targeting them. They know these students are easy targets," Singh said.

Indian students often become victims because they travel home late at night, alone, after working to support their studies, he pointed out, adding that they were also not reporting the incidents to police.
Many students were afraid that lodging any sort of formal police report would harm their chances of permanent residency.
"So they will suffer the humiliation and the insult ... and the criminals think 'We are pretty safe robbing them and nothing will happen'," Singh said.

Referring to the petrol bomb attack on 25-year-old hospitality graduate Rajesh Kumar, who received 30 per cent burns, Singh said "it is a clear case of racial attack as there is no other angle we can apply to this attack."

Vietnamese, Saudi students hate crime victims too ...
NEW DELHI: Indian students aren't the only ones. Thugs have also robbed and assaulted Vietnamese and Saudi students in Australia, says the newspaper
Sydney Morning Herald.

Veronica Meneses, who works for the Newcastle University Student Association as the education and welfare officer for students, says there has been an influx of students from Saudi Arabia because Australia is perceived as safer than the United States, especially since 9/11. "So we have lots of young people arriving from the Middle East, keen to learn our language and share our culture, and we're the ones ignoring them, shepherding them into ghettos," the SMH quotes her saying.

According to Meneses, Saudis come to learn English and find themselves in classes where all the students are Saudi. Cut off from Australians, the best they can do is team up with students from other countries to practise their second language together. An average 430,000-odd international students arrive Down Under each year. Of them, 97,000 are Indians. Education is Australia's third-largest export earner behind coal and iron ore. It generated about 15.5 billion dollars worth of business last year.

Meanwhile, under instructions from New Delhi, the Indian consulate in Sydney has formed a committee to address the concerns about the welfare of students in Australia.

Old 01-Jun-2009
Re: Harbhajans nephew killed Aus racial




Big B rejects down honorary doctorate by Oz university --- Amitabh Bachchan turns down Australian doctorate as mark of protest

NEW DELHI: Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan has reacted to racial attacks on Indian students in Australia by rejecting an honorary doctorate Family members and All Indian Human Rights Association members protest against the recent racist attacks on Indian students in Australia, in Amritsar. (AFP Photo)
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offered to him by an Australian university

The Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane had offered the 66-year-old veteran a doctorate for his contribution to the world of entertainment and Bachchan had earlier accepted the title.

The honour was to be conferred on the star in July as a part of celebrations to commemorate a retrospective of his films to be inaugurated in the city.

"I have been witnessing with great dismay and shock, the recent violent attacks on Indian students in Australia, on the electronic media the entire day," Bachchan wrote on his blog.

"I mean no disrespect to the Institution that honours me, but under the present circumstances, where citizens of my own country are subjected to such acts of inhuman horror, my conscience does not permit me to accept this decoration from a country that perpetrates such indignity to my fellow countrymen," he added.

Australia has recently seen a series of attacks on Indian students, the most serious being the assault of Shravan Kumar, a 25-year-old student from Andhra Pradesh who is battling for life in a hospital here after being stabbed by a screwdriver by a group of teens in a weekend attack that also left three of his friends injured.

Old 02-Jun-2009
Re: Harbhajans nephew killed Aus racial

Australian cops punch, stomp on peaceful protesters

MELBOURNE: Indian students were punched in the head and stomped on the chest by cops during the Melbourne protest rally on Sunday. They were
threatened with capsicum spray. One was admitted to the hospital after his "thumb was broken during the police attack", an eyewitness told an Australian newspaper.

To add insult to injury, they also found themselves on the wrong end of the law. Around 18 protesters were detained for “breaching peace”.

“I witnessed police officers stomp on a student’s chest. Other police officers repeatedly punched students in the face. A sitting protester was knocked unconscious by repeated punches to the head by a policeman,” Damian Ridgwell, Swinburne University Student Union president was quoted as saying in The Age.

“At least one baton was used to smash a protester’s legs, while the front row of students was threatened with capsicum spray,” said Ridgwell.

The protest rally was organised by the Federation of Indian Students of Australia. Banker Yogesh Malhotra said about 200 cops surrounded protesters and then moved in. “There was definitely excessive force by Victoria Police,” Malhotra told ABC Radio. “Six (cops) to one guy who was sitting down peacefully, who was punched and dragged.”

The statement made by Aus Prime Minister Kevin Rudd reveals the fact that they are in damage control mode, fully aware of the adverse publicity these attacks are generating for a country that depends heavily on international students. Rudd said he was "concerned... particularly when we are obviously hosts to students from around the world".

For the record, education is Australia's third largest export industry. It generated $15.5 billion last year, with 4,30,000 international students visiting Australia. Of these, an estimated 96,739 last year were Indian, a 54 per cent increase on 2007. Australia is the second preferred destination, after the US, for Indian students going abroad. Clearly, Australia cannot afford to be seen as a hostile country to foreigners if it wants to continue attracting talent, and money, from outside its shores. To be honest, Australia has been punching way above its weight in the global ring so far. Perhaps aware of the limits of its influence, Canberra is seeking better ties in the Asian region, with Beijing, Tokyo and New Delhi. There is much that India and Australia can achieve together. But such ugly incidents are simply unacceptable, mates.

Australians should be out of IPL till attacks stop: Bal Thackeray yes right said az these kangarooos wont understand like this .

MUMBAI: Angry over the racial attacks on Indian students, Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray on Tuesday said Australian players in IPL cricket teams
should be removed till such incidents continue Down Under.

"Two things should be done immediately. Captains of Australian companies who have invested in India should be summoned and told that the business atmosphere would not be conducive till the attacks stopped," Thackeray said in an editorial in party mouthpiece 'Saamna'.

"Secondly, Australian players in IPL teams should be removed. Team owners like Vijay Mallya, Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta should display nationalism by doing so," the Sena chief said.

"No matter how big an Aussie player in IPL team is, he should removed and told that it is impossible to keep him in the team till the blood of innocent Indians is shed on his country's soil," Thackeray said.

He also lauded actor and friend Amitabh Bachchan for spurning an award by the University of Queensland to register his protest over the issue.

"What Amitabh did was right. He did not stop at registering his protest through mere words but conveyed to the University of Queensland that the attacks against Indians Down Under was an insult of all his countrymen," Thackeray said.

Old 29-Dec-2009
Und3rgr0und J4tt1
Re: Harbhajans nephew killed Aus racial atta

sad haina

Old 29-Dec-2009
Re: Harbhajans nephew killed Aus racial atta

India di police kera bakshdi aa

Vaise kise da putt chalgeya gall dil te laggi

Old 29-Dec-2009
Und3rgr0und J4tt1
Re: Harbhajans nephew killed Aus racial atta


Old 29-Dec-2009
Re: Harbhajans nephew killed Aus racial atta

so sad,,

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