Gays and transsexuals can't enter heaven

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Old 10-Dec-2009
Unhappy Gays and transsexuals can't enter heaven

A Roman Catholic Cardinal told homosexuals and transsexuals on Wednesday they would never get into heaven, prompting a rebuke from the Vatican itself.

"Transsexuals and homosexuals will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven, it's not me who says it but St. Paul," said Mexican Cardinal Javier Barragan, a former Vatican official who recently retired, referring to one of St. Paul's epistles.

Asked if people were born homosexual Barragan, whose comments were posted on a conservative Catholic website, was quoted as saying:
"One is not born homosexual but they become that way. This is for various reasons: education, for not having developed their identity during their adolescence, maybe they are not guilty but by going against the dignity of the body they certainly will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

"Everything that goes against nature and against the dignity of the body offends God," he added.

Aurelio Mancuso, president of Italy's main gay rights group, Arcigay, said Barragan's remarks were part of the Church's "ridiculous theories about sexuality and the dignity of the person".

The Vatican distanced itself from the comments in a statement that was highly unusual because it indirectly criticised a top Church official.

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said the website should not be considered an authority on Catholic thinking "on complex and delicate issues such as homosexuality".

Lombardi quoted from the official Catechism of the Roman Catholic Church, which says homosexual acts are a "disorder" but acknowledges that many people have "innate homosexual tendencies" and should be treated with respect and not be subject to discrimination.

The Catholic Church teaches that homosexual acts are sinful but homosexuality in itself is not.

heaven meh bhi politics

well like these ppl <below link> will go to heaven ....if so then heaven will be so boreing place with all the losers and boring ppl stuck in one place. Hell is where the party is yooo lolz --

Old 10-Dec-2009
Re: Gays and transsexuals can't enter heaven

Catholic institutions are havens for gays: Nun

Don Sebastian / DNA
Thiruvananthapuram: The bishops may be crying foul over the move to decriminalise homosexuality, but a former nun reminds that Catholic institutions of celibacy are havens for gays. Sr Jesme, who exposed the underbelly of the convents and other church institutions in her bestselling autobiography, hopes the legalisation of homosexuality would help monasteries to maintain their sacredness.
"If lesbians could seek partners legally, they would not have to take refuge in a convent. They would not have to languish in the sacred atmosphere of a convent," Jesme writes in an article in a Malayalam weekly. In her autobiography, Amen, Jesme tells her own experience with a lesbian nun, who forcibly slept with her inside her convent room. The Christian institutions built on celibacy are full of homosexual and heterosexual tendencies, the book says.

"If gays find partners outside, nuns would be saved from their advances," Jesme says.
"We should give a thought to the perspective of homosexuals and lesbians who are born that way. It's not their fault if they are born that way. The Church doesn't explain what god's plan about them is. A psychologist-priest has told me that 5% of people are born with homosexual orientation and most of the Catholics among them are attracted to monasteries," she said.

Jesme's autobiography was a major embarrassment to the Church when it hit the stands in February 2009. She started working on the book after she took a six-month sabbatical from her vocation as the principal of St Mary's College, Thrissur. With four more years of service remaining, she quit the college and the Congregation of Mother Carmelite in August 2008. She alleges that her superiors in the congregation wanted to brand her mentally ill.

The Catholic Bishops' Conference of India has vehemently opposed the Delhi High Court's decision to do away with section 377 of the IPC, which penalises homosexuality. The bishops think homosexuality would weaken family values.


Old 10-Dec-2009
Re: Gays and transsexuals can't enter heaven

Old 10-Dec-2009
Re: Gays and transsexuals can't enter heaven

Desire of sex have no limits.... which mostly make them to be lesbians/homo ;]

Do gay/lesbians supporter ready to have a gay/homo husband or lesbian wife ?
...be practical
! ... well then read this news ----

Delhi Woman drags Gay Hubby to court

NEW DELHI: Like every newly wed, Radha (name changed) too had visions of leading a happily married life. But in just a few months, her dreams were shattered when she found out that her husband was having an affair with his best friend - a man.

When she confronted him, her husband Rahul (name changed) refused to break his relationship and instead shunned her.

A heartbroken Radha went back to her parent's house, where she gave birth to a girl. She was married in 2004.

Thinking that the birth of the child would change things between them, Radha met her husband for a reconciliation. But Rahul, who is in his late 20s, refused to accept her and the child. Seeing their daughter, he said: "I hate girls."

Now, Radha is fighting a case against her husband for alimony and hopes for an early relief.

A city court will hear her plea next month.

In her petition, she said that she married Rahul in 2004 and they were living happily for some time. But she soon realized that her husband was not showing any interest in her and used to enjoy the company of his friend Imran (name changed).

When she complained to Rahul about this, he told her bluntly that he doesn't like women and asked Radha not to interfere in his life.

When she objected to Imran's presence in the house, Rahul thrashed her and threw her out. Radha was pregnant at the time.

Radha went to her father's house and started living there and gave birth to a girl.

Fed up with her husband's behaviour, Radha filed a complaint against her husband in 2008 asking for maintenance.

Hoping for a patch-up between the two, the court last year referred the case to the mediation centre, which aims to counsel couples so that the case can be settled out of court.

The counsellors at the centre, however, came to the conclusion that the couple could not live together and transferred the case to the family court on her plea as Rahul refused to accept Radha and the child and turned down the offer to pay her monthly allowance and end his relationship with Imran.

Rahul and his elder brother were in a business together, but Rahul quit and started a small business with Imran. lolzzzzzzzzzzzz

Old 10-Dec-2009
Re: Gays and transsexuals can't enter heaven

Elaborating on the issue, Mr. Azad said, while certain issues were related to the country's culture, others pertained to diseases associated with homosexuality. "There should be a general debate where out heritage as well as diseases are considered".

People should become apprised of all the negatives and positives of the matter before forming their opinion, he added.

Earlier, Law Minister Veerappa Moily said in Hyderabad that the government will not take a decision in a hurry to repeal the controversial Section 377 of the IPC.

Concerns have been voiced by some Christian and Muslim religious groups against the step.


As India held only its second national Gay Pride march on June 2009 , officials said that the country was planning to repeal a law against homosexuality that was introduced by the British almost 150 years ago.

India is one of the few professed liberal democracies in the world that still has such a law. The others are mostly Islamic or authoritarian, and even China lifted its ban in 1997.

Successive governments have long argued that Indian society is too conservative to accept repealing Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code — under which sex “against nature” is punishable by up to ten years in prison. India’s leaders have come under increasing pressure in recent years from activists who say that the law, introduced in 1860, violates civil liberties and encourages the spread of HIV by forcing homosexuals underground.

The new Government that took power in May after the Congress Party’s surprise election victory has indicated that it is ready to change the law, which is at present being challenged in the Delhi High Court, according to Indian media reports.

P. Chidambaram, the Home Minister, has told officials that he supports repealing the law and is due to hold a meeting to discuss the issue soon with the two other ministers whose consent is required — those with the portfolios of Law and Health.

Veerappa Moily, the Law Minister, has already said that he favours a “review” of the law, and the Health Ministry, now under Ghulam Nabi Azad, has been calling for its repeal for several years.

Mr Chidambaram’s predecessor, Shivraj Patil, was considered one of the main obstacles in the last government to repealing the law — which brackets homosexuality with bestiality and paedophilia. He and other conservatives in the Cabinet and Parliament argued that homosexuality was “un-Indian” and that repealing Section 377 would encourage delinquent behaviour, even though it has been rarely enforced in the past decade.

“Public opinion and the current societal context in India does not favour the deletion of the said offence from the statute book,” the Home Ministry said in response to a challenge to the law in 2005.

Others argued that it was the only law that could be applied in cases of homosexual child abuse and male rape.

Activists claim that the law violates the Indian Constitution, which guarantees all citizens the right to equality and personal liberty, as well as the UN’s International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

They also say that it leads to police harassment and encourages the spread of HIV-Aids, which affects about 2.5 million people in India, by making it hard for infected gay men to seek treatment. In 2001 a local non-governmental organisation, the Naz Foundation, challenged the law’s constitutionality in the Delhi High Court, arguing that it should no longer apply to consenting adults. A ruling is expected next month.

The Naz Foundation mounted the challenge after police in the northern city of Lucknow raided its offices and those of another NGO and detained four staff members for 47 days on suspicion of running a gay “sex racket”.

The police said that HIV-Aids related information seized was obscene and charged four staff under Section 377. The charges were dropped.

Sex acts

— Being gay is punishable by death in Iran, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Yemen

— Britain’s Sexual Offences Act (1967) permitted gay sex in private for consenting adults

— The US bans gay sex among serving soldiers

Old 10-Dec-2009
Dont hate--ignored them..az they too humans.... :)

may be this,,, change some ppls view.....

Geneticist turn straight worm into lesbian

By altering a gene in the brain of a female worm, scientists were able to change its sexual orientation so that it was attracted to other females. Scientists activated the gene that makes male structures develop in the body, but only turned it on in the brain.

The result was worms that “look like girls, but act and think like boys,” according to Jamie White, a researcher on the study.
The study supports the idea that sexual orientation is the result of the brain’s wiring. Erik Jorgensen, scientific director of the Brain Institute at the University of Utah, said the study “suggests sexual behavior is encoded in our genes.”

Not everyone agrees with Jorgensen, and even he admits the study is not likely to fully explain human sexual orientation. Though worms and humans share much of the same dna, the complexity of the human brain means the study couldn’t possibly answer all the questions on our sexuality.
The origins of human sexual orientation have yet to be adequately explained. Scientists argue theories from hormones and genetics to environment.

^^ hope now this thing should be try on Karan Johar & bobby darling then i will believe it lolzzz
Well if homosexuality be cured with genetic engineering in the near future then? Then lets change all the gays into straights and leave all the lesbians as they are or let gays be gays turn lesbians into straight women ... yup :P

Old 10-Dec-2009
Re: Gays and transsexuals can't enter heaven

if god didn't want gay people, why did he/she make them?

Old 11-Dec-2009
Smile Re: Gays and transsexuals can't enter heaven

how many are born gay/lesbian ! ... very less, and mostly as said above they become due to their Desires ..
For those small ratio ,who are born gay..they should not be ignored or hate.... its all about karm...ppl r beautiful some are not..some are rich others poor... some are healthy and others always face health prob..and some born gay and some not...etc.. these all due to their past & present lifes karm(karma)..Human is responsible for his own. Az he/she rights his/her own destiny....
Gays/lesbian is not ignored in religion..i dont know about wat man made religion says like above one..so i dont believe in like this teachings...
In past and present many true saints has already accepted the gays/lesbian, they have not been ignored...
And i think its already said here...same thing who will repeat again and again ...,last one---> Register
Amara Dasa a Krishna devotee and founder of Gay and Lesbian Vaishnava Association (GALVA) notes in his recent book, Tritiya-Prakriti: People of the Third Sex,
That since everyone passes through various forms, genders and species in a series of lives, we should not judge each other by the material body but view everyone equally on a spiritual plane, and be compassionate as God is.

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