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Old 12-Oct-2008
Talking Bloopers in Bollywood movies

All friends had just rucksacks... but they went travelling in Europe for a month! (where did they keep all their clothes!) (well this is can be pointed out in any india movies, you can be working as a police officer but when the song comes on you will be dressed in best clothes, then again songs are surreal)

and in the song of hogaya hai tujko to pyar sajana, they've arrived bak in london so why is shahrukh drivin on the left hand side of the car instead of the right??
i really dont think they can b in london if the cars r travelling the wrong side of the road!!

In the movie Kaho Naa Pyar Hai, the 2nd Hrithik sings the climax song "Dil Ne Dil Ko" and in the end of the song he sings Kaho Naa Pyar Hai. Ok I understand that he got the song from the 1st Hrithik’s song folder or whatever. But how did he know the dance routine they did on the beach????????????

1) Amitabh is using the Nokia communicator in 1992 whereas Nokia itself launched it from 1998 onwards. May be he is a secret test dummy for Nokia!

2) Amitabh singing "aye kya bolti tu" in Diwali of 1992 whereas the song was released in 1997 in the movie Ghulam. Guess he has esp.

3) But The Mother Of All Flaws In The Movie K3G is when Hrithik is kid he has 10 fingers...when he grows up he has Eleven

4) Last ball of the cricket match. 1 ball and 6 runs needed. Guess what, the ball is shining and unused !!

5) The fatso Laddu turns into Hrithik 10 years later, however Shahrukh, Kajol, Dadi, Nani and Johny Lever are the same after 10 years!! (also applicable to SRK in movie kuch kuch hota hai)


Shahrukh khan snatches the sandoor dibbi from ash with his left hand n throws it away, n later he fills her maang with right hand

Hum tumhare hain sanam and K3G

In K3G the song Suraj Hua Maddam Shahrukh is wearing the same top (black and seethrough) as the song Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam in the movie Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam!!!

Aamir Khan tells his friend that he will take Urmila Matondkar for a Chinese meal. Strangely when they are in the restaurant, Aamir Khan orders usal pav etc. What's happened to the noodle & chowmein?

Kha Kool Hai Hum
At the beginning of the movie b4 DK goes to USA his beard is all brown LATER..... when dk comes from usa his bottom half of his beard is blue does that mean when you come to usa you dye your beard(if u have one) blue?

Om Shanti Om

In Om Shanti Om, after reincarnation Shahrukh(Om Kapoor) gets scared whenever he see some fire around him even after getting the memories of old Om he gets scared of fire when a waiter brought some fire close to him while he was talking to Arjun Rampal in a hotel) . Then how come he is not scared of too much fire around him in the climax...

May be it was something like DON.... I mean he was actually Om Prakash Makhija in the end and not Om Kapoor (OK)

During the fire in the studio, SRK tries to break the small glass window and enter the studio. The glass window in the studio door is just enough for a person to enter in.

After his death and reincarnation, he visits the studio and see the studio door. the glass window is shown broken. but it's not even big enough for child to enter in, then how could SRK squeeze in thru the broken glass window.. or did he enter from some other place.. if so.. then why did he break the glass window..

During the scene where SRK tries to save Deepika in the Studio fire, it is shown that Deepika is standing at the studio door and is watching SRK thru the glass window. In the next scene we see SRK breaking the glass. Which means Deepika is still near the studio door.
The very next scene we see SRK shouting for Shanti (Deepika) and searching her in the studio. How come Deepika vanished all of sudden in a second's time.
We then see Deepika standing on the steps far away and crying for help.. Quite amazing, isn't it!!!

Dhoom 2

After Hrithik steals the diamond by using a remote controlled car he is shown acting like a white sculpture figure then in just a matter of seconds he is shown as a working oldman. how come he can escape from that place and change his appearance when there is such a tight security???
i think he got the powers of kkrish at that time? isn't it?

After Hrithik escapes from the museum stealing the diamond, he gets into a manhole and comes out flying from a other manhole like there was something which can push him such a height? or he is a better high jumper than anyother person in this world wothout any equipments?

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S
Sanjay Dutt injures himself severely to extend his stay at the hospital.So how come momments later at the dance sequence he has no wound.Also at the time if injuring himself,he gets a deep cut on hi left eye but at the hospital there was no mark of cut at the left eye but a deep wound on his forehead where he never got injured.ALso after the dance sequence he plays carrom in the wounded state but later on the wound vanishes. ITS MAGIC or what?

when sanjay dutt hurts himself, they show that he gets hurt on the left hand side of his forehead very near to the eyebrow. but when he is treated and bandaged he is bandaged on the right hand side of his forehead and no where near the eyebrow ...... amazing

when boman irani(dr asthana )comes with the police in sanjay dutts room to throw sanjay out of the hospital he is wearing a bright yellow colour shirt over which he wears a coat but as soon as he reaches the lobby of the hospital with sanjay dutt and police he is wearing a white shirt and not a yellow shirt ......how come ??

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