Army called out after Deganga rioting : West Bengal

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Old 10-Sep-2010
Army called out after Deganga rioting : West Bengal

24 hurt in Bengal clashes, RAF called out
September 10, 2010 4:46:29 PM

PNS | Kolkata

Rapid Action Force was called out as members of two communities clashed in the Basirhat sub-division of North 24 Parganas, about 150 km from Kolkata, leaving at least 24 persons, including the officer-in-charge of a police station, injured.

Reportedly, clashes started around 11 pm on Monday and continued intermittently till Tuesday morning when members of one community started digging the pathway leading to a Durga temple at Chattal Pally village in Deganga police station, sources said.

“When repeated requests to stop the digging failed, we called the police,” said one of the victims, adding that the clashes started only when the police intervened.

Some people reportedly led by local ruffians — Maqbur Rehman and Mintu Sahji — attacked shops selectively and ransacked a couple of religious places, sources said, adding that a mob of about 500 persons resorted to massive stone-pelting, injuring three policemen. Officer-in-charge of Deganga, Arup Ghosh, received head injuries and suffered fracture in his hand.

District Magistrate V Kumar said precautions had been taken and curfew had been clamped in the area. Paramilitary forces had been called out to assist the RAF, sources said, refusing to give further details.

Two temples of Kartickpur and Deganga Biplabi colony were desecrated by the mob, sources said. “When we protested, they chased us with swords and hurled bombs. The police intervened but were hopelessly outnumbered,” Anil, a local who was also injured in the clashes, said.

A particular community wanted to stop the 25-year Durga Puja in the area but failed in the face of resistance from the other community, sources said, but added that in recent times the administration in its bid to woo the minorities after the 2009 General Elections “simply looked the other way leaving us at their mercy”.

The clashes spread to Kartickpur, Kadambagachi area as four stationary buses were torched. Traffic on the Deganga-Kadambagachi-Basirhat route came to a standstill even as the police resorted to lathicharge to control the crowd. The mob attacked shops at Beliaghata market as well, police sources said, adding, the situation was tense but under control.

“The situation could have been even worse had it not been a bandh day on Tuesday,” police said and added that the area, a busy market place on a normal day, could have witnessed major violence.

Basirhat, a parliamentary constituency bordering Bangladesh held till 2009 by the CPI, was wrested by Trinamool Congress’ Nurul Islam. Deganga-Berachapa, which has a Muslim population of more than 69 per cent, had been otherwise a peaceful area which made news only in 2008 following reports of land-acquisition. The local population united against the reported Government move to acquire land leading the administration to shelve the projects.

Eight out of 29 blocks have a ‘minority-dominated’ population, thanks to unchecked infiltration from Bangladesh, locals complained, adding, the protest against infiltration continued to be an irritant between the two communities.

“TC leader Ratna Chowdhury was pressuring the police not to take any action against the erring mob which selectively looted and ransacked shops of a particular community,” said Anil.

There was no communication from administration. Locals complained both the Left and the TC leaders, including Islam, were backing the attackers. “We are under continuous threat in our own country and if this trend continues, we will have to migrate to some other district,” Subhashis Tarafdar, a local, said.



wooo illegal begger bangladeshi joining hand with locals muslim groups and doing riots in india..like what they did in assam 2008...bastard sick flip-flop center & state Govt gave these thugs a breathing space.

so called seculer media will wont show these news in their tv channels...to keep peace in the country lmaoooo
But if hindus have attacked some muslim mosque then it will be breaking news and spreaded all over the world with tittle no rights or safety for minority..
Its rightly said by one of the terrorist caught of non-other then SIMI student of islamic movement of india after bann now named as indian mujahidin (terrorist organization) that congress rule is good for us,its like mughals rule for us... so true that terrorist had said...in congress rule hindus & sikhs had suffer to much..

Old 10-Sep-2010
Re: Army out after Deganga rioting : West Bengal

last year-
April 25, 2009

Islamic expansionism has gripped almost the whole of Kolkata. Barring a very few areas, every place has become sensitive due to Hindu-Muslim tension.

On 21st April evening, Belgachhia area of North Kolkata felt the communal heat. Hindu houses and a market was attacked, a Shiva temple was severely damaged, another temple attacked and some Hindus were beaten up mercilessly.

Kundu Lane of Belgachhia area is a mixed population area. The Hindu inhabited Kundu Lane Slum and Muslim inhabited Belgachhia Slum are adjacent. Hindu women and other non-muslim girls always have to face eve teasing, indecent gestures from the Muslim youths.
There is a small tea-shop owned by one Sri Nilu Banerji in Kundu Lane where both Hindus and Muslims drink tea. On last 21st April evening, Sri Banerji went out of his shop for some work. His 17 year old daughter Soma Banerji was running the shop. Six Muslim youths came to the shop, ordered for tea, and started to disturb the girl with indecent gestures. At first Soma tried to ignore the obscene actions. But ultimately the Muslim boys started molesting her by touching her body. Soma could not tolerate this and raised an alarm. Some Hindu youths rushed there, protested, but the Muslim boys ignored them and told them that it is no business of them. Then the Hindu youths beat the Muslim boys and locked up three of them to hand over to police. The other three fled and reported to Muslim locality. Hearing this, Muslims came back in large numbers. Hindus too became ready. Stone throwing started. By this time the police showed up. Somehow controlled the situation and took charge of the three Muslim boys. The police posting is continuing in the area.

Here it should be mentioned that this Kundu Lane comes under Ultadanga ..where officer in charge is Abdur Rejjak.

At 11 pm. night, it was dark due to usual power cut in Kolkata. Taking advantage of the darkness, Muslims of neighbouring area on the other side of a railway line joined the Muslims of the Belgachhia slum and they attacked Hindu area in Kundu Lane. First they attacked the local market of Kundu Lane, stoned and demolished some shops. Then they attacked 5/6 Hindu houses. They broke window panes and furniture and beat the members of the houses mercilessly. Then the Muslims attacked a small Shiva-Temple and destroyed it partially. Then they started attacking the famous Yasho-Madhav Temple of the area. By this time, some Hindus gathered courage and unitedly started to resist them. The Hindus threatened the Muslims that if they do not stop attacking the Yasho-Madhav Temple, then they will demolish the nearby Mosque. The threatening worked and the Muslims retreated in the dead of night.

Among the Hindu houses attacked, one prominent was of Ms. Namita Das. She is an elected Councilor/Corporator of that area, i.e., Ward No. 3. She is from CPI(M). Her father shouted in next morning, “ We fled from East Bengal to avoid persecution by Muslims. Here too the same situation. Where is your Subhas Chakraborty (A Minister and MLA of that area)? He is such a big leader, why he has not come to save us?”

In the morning of 22nd April, Hindus gathered in large number at Kundu Lane. They were tremendously aggrieved. Sri Bablu Das, a CPI(M) cadre and brother of Namita Das led the mob to Belgachhia Metro Rail station. They blocked the Metro Rail service for 2 hours in morning. A huge Police contingent with RAF (Rapid Action Force) reached there to control the Hindus. Kolkata Police Commissioner Gautam Mohan Chakraborty himself came, tried to pacify the Hindus. After 2 hours, blocked of Metro Rail was lifted, but the main road block continued till 1 pm. Their main demand was to arrest all the six Muslim culprits. Police already let off the three molesters whom they booked previous evening.

On the 22nd afternoon, a Hindu Samhati Team visited the area. The whole area is cordoned off by a large number of police. Hindus are afraid that anytime Muslims from the other side of Railway line will enter their area and attack them. There is a large Railway residential housing complex, named Dakhindari Rail Quarter by the side of the rail line. Hindu residents of Kundu Lane and Dakhindari Rail Quarters are now demanding to build a high wall in between the Rail line and the Rail quarter. What a pity! We saw that a large number of police manning that boundary area very cautiously. We also came to know that Kolkata Police Commissioner assured the Hindus that the high wall will be built.

On 23rd April morning Md. Salim came to the area to meet the people there. Hindu women abused him, and he had to flee the scene. Md. Salim is the CPI(M) candidate in the ensuing Parliamentary Election from this Kolkata North Constituency.

Everyday evening, the women Metro Rail commuters of this area have to face the misbehavior and indecent gestures by the Muslim youths. It has become a practice for them. So, Hindus of the area are already perturbed and aggrieved.

The whole area has become extremely tense.

On 23rd April morning, in the advice of their leaders, Muslims too blocked the main road to use pressure-tactic so that Police do not arrest the Muslim culprits.

The eve-teasing and molestation of women is not confined to Belgachhia alone in Kolkata. It is a common practice by the Muslim youths in many areas of Kolkata.

Police and State Govt tried to prevent the media persons to enter the area. But here, media houses are more than willing to suppress the news. Their stated theory is: the news of any communal clash will spread the clash in more areas. So, it is better to suppress this type of news for maintaining communal peace. Hence, Ananda Bazar group of papers absolutely blacked out this news. Bartaman and some other papers published it very insignificantly, as a mere eve-teasing news.

Telephone no. of Ultadanga . is 033 23566263

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