After Beheading,Pakistani Sikhs want to flee to India

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Old 23-Feb-2010
Post After Beheading,Pakistani Sikhs want to flee to India


ISLAMABAD/CHANDIGARH: Hundreds of fear-stricken Sikhs clamoured to escape to India after the Pakistani Taliban beheaded 2 of three/four Sikh men they abducted over a month ago. The killing was condemned in India by the government and political parties.

The body of Jaspal Singh was found in Pakistan's restive tribal region Sunday, triggering panic in the small community that has faced the ire of the Taliban for some time.

Jaspal Singh was kidnapped along with two other Sikhs from Tirah Valley in Khyber Agency near the provincial capital Peshawar, DawnNews and other Pakistani media reported.

BBC, however, said two Sikhs had been done to death, and identified the second man as Mastan Singh.

The two companions of Jaspal Singh, identified by a Pakistani website as Gurvinder Singh and Gurjit Singh, are reportedly still being held captive by the militants.

The abducted Sikhs -- their number varying from three to four -- were seized 34 days ago. The Taliban demanded Rs.3 crore as ransom for their release, media reports said.

According to arzePakistan.com, the kidnapping occurred in an area where the Pakistan government has virtually no control.

Since the Taliban began enforcing "jaziya" in the tribal belt, particularly Aurakzai Agency, many Sikhs fled to cities elsewhere in the country fearing for their lives.


No group has claimed responsibility for the abduction and murder but members of the Sikh community blamed it on the Pakistani Taliban, which has close ties with al-Qaida, and said they wanted to quit Pakistan for good.

"We want to return to India but we are not getting the visas. The Taliban keep demanding jaziya (religious tax) from us," Arvind Singh, a cousin of the beheaded Jaspal Singh, told a Pakistani TV channel.

He said the business interests of Sikhs were suffering in Pakistan because of the Taliban.

Another Sikh man said they were living in fear and that they wanted to go to the Sikh holy city Amritsar to start life anew.

Muslim-majority Pakistan is home to over 32,000 Sikhs, according to one account. Many of them came to Pakistan after the Taliban took power in Kabul in the 1990s and enforced strict Islamic laws.

India denounced Jaspal Singh's killing as "barbaric". "We condemn the barbaric act of the Taliban," Minister for External Affairs S.M. Krishna said in New Delhi.

The Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC), the Sikh religious parliament, and the Punjab government Monday reacted angrily and urged New Delhi's intervention to save Sikhs in the area bordering Afghanistan.

"This is condemnable. The central government should take up the matter with the Pakistan government to ensure the safety of Sikhs in that area," SGPC president Avtar Singh Makkar said.

Punjab Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal too demanded India's intervention. "The government should not sleep over this matter. The life of Sikhs should be protected."

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) asked the government to mount "diplomatic pressure" on Pakistan to ensure the release of the abducted Sikhs.

"It is a serious issue and there is a need to talk to Pakistan," Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari said in New Delhi.

Kamal hai when everything is ok normal..then no one interest or talk to come india..jado bura haal yeah kudrat di maar parde..tah india yaad ah janda...not good..
They want to come in india ? for what ?
We don't need them,Pakistani Sikhs. If we allow them to India they may be go with Khalistan movement. No more refugees. These like same people will complain about India after a while. so its better not to allow them to come inside.....
Dont care they r sikh,hindus,muslims or christians...India is not a refugee center or dharam shala that any one from anywhere come here...haa for humanity we should condem it and try to stop it...by putting diplomatic pressure on pkaistan

..wat can any one do more then that ?...As these sikhs ,hindus or christian they are pakistani citizens..so its their(pakistan) internal matter....and pakistan to said this last year when jaziya (religious tax on minority) all started especially on sikhs..that "its our internal matters india or anyone should not have to interfere in our problems"
Btw the foreign secretaries of India and Pakistan meeting is on 26 -28 feb in delhi,,this is the first talk after mumbai 26/11 attack...all issue will be discussed like cross border terrorism,26/11 and even now this sikh beheaded case etc ...lets se wat will come out...well nothing will be...az bahut talk pehle bhi kerleyeh..ki result nikla.? waste of time with terrorist state .
p.s- Hope Shah rukh khan know this news..offcourse he will..he only said nah..we have good neighbour,they are good people my father born in pakistan.... idiot....ek kam kernah chahida send srk and bring all sikhs/hindus here...paiseh leh loh jooteh dehdoh...in otherwords SRK leloh our sikhs/hindus dehdoh lolz
.....Similarly, India also must ask Pakistan to accept at least an equal number of Indians whoever community they are..sikhs/hindus/christian/ Muslims who wanting to migrate there by saying/thinking gud pakistan like SRK...kasam seh 95% prob will be solved then.

Old 23-Feb-2010
Re: After Beheading,Pakistani Sikhs want to flee to India

with interesting comments


Old 24-Feb-2010
Re: After Beheading,Pakistani Sikhs want to flee to India

Same news from different prospective, a different angle:

Sikhs’ killings by militants confirm deep RAW-TTP links

—RAW desires to shift global focus from Maoist rebels’ activities to Sikhs’ movement —Delhi plans to implicate ISI in Paunjab fiasco as RAW miserably fails in halting Maoists’ movement —RAW once again sends fake terror alerts to create panic, annoys Sikhs —Delhi was earlier embarrassed globally last month because of RAW’s fake intelligence reports —nearly dead Khalistan movement being glorified by RAW through media.

By Afrasiab Khan in Pewshawar & Pramjeet Kaur in Chandigarh

The abduction and killing of two Sikhs by the Pakistani militants on Sunday has confirmed that Pakistan’s Taliban of TTP and Indian intelligence agency RAW were having deep links as RAW has recently launched a comprehensive campaign against the Sikh community, not only across India but also in the other regional countries.
The investigations carried out by The Daily Mail, the two Sikhs who were abducted by militants around a month back and were killed on Sunday, were kidnapped for a huge ransom, despite the fact that they were not very rich and no one believes that their heirs were in any position to meet the demands of the kidnappers who demanded 25 million rupees as ransom. The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that Jaspal Singh and Mahnan Singh who had small shops at Bara were kidnapped as the Indian Intelligence agency RAW was suspecting that both were attached to the Khalistan freedom movement in India and were providing funds to Babbar Khalsa fighters back in Indian Punjab. Both were abducted by TTP militants on the directions of their bosses in RAW and were interrogated to dig out their links with Babbar Khalsa by RAW underworld mafia goons of Chhota Rajan gang who are maintaining very close ties with TTP men via Afghanistan. The Daily Mail’s investigations further indicate that the huge ransom money was demanded to gauge as what actually was the financial condition of the abducted Sikhs and their families however as Pakistani security forces’ operations in the area started increasing with incredible success rate, the abductors were left with no other option but to get rid of the abducted Sikhs as the abductees had become excess baggage for the abducted so they finally eliminated them.
The Daily Mail’s investigations disclose that RAW, after immense failure of Indian government to curb the freedom movement of maoist rebels in Indian Punjab and do defocus the global attention from Maoist rebels’ constantly increasing movement, a couple of months back started highlighting the activities of almost dead freedom movement of Sikhs, known as the Khalistan movement. These findings further indicate that RAW’s motive behind elaborating the Khalistan movement was not just to defocus global attention from the actions of Maoist rebels but the big wigs at Lodhi Road New Delhi were also eyeing on implicating Pakistan’s Inter services Intelligence (ISI) for whatever was going on in Indian Punjab as RAW has for years blaming ISI for supporting the Khalistan movement though it could never brought forward an iota of evidence in this direction.
The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that as part of its new campaign in the direction of Khalistan movement, RAW just on Sunday issued fake terror alerts regarding expected terror activities by Babbar Khalisa activists. Following RAW fake alerts, the Indian government, Monday, beefed up security around top leaders and vital installations in Punjab. The RAW alerts said that there were reports of Pakistan-based Sikh separatist groups trying to recruit youth from the US and India to revive terrorism in the state while the fact is that there has never been any Sikh separatists group acting in or from Pakistan.
The RAW report further said that reports of a meeting between officials of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) chief Wadhawa Singh in December has raised concerns among security agencies in the state, how ever the RAW report, does not at all, indicate any details or any proof such a high profile meeting that it claims. The Indian government had earlier been embaressed by at least four members of the European Union due another fake RAW report last month when RAW announced that certain terrorists of Lashkar-e-Toiba had purchased around 50 para gliding equipment from different European countries for terror attacks in India. However when the relevant European governments sought proofs in this direction from the Indian government, the RAW officials had to chew their butts as they did not havy any and retreating from their earlier claim, RAW then said that the number of paragliding equipment was just 3 and not 50 and those were purchased from China and not from any European country.
The Daily Mail’s investigations further reveal that now RAW had knitted a new drama as it claims that a top-secret intelligence communication from Punjab Police to security agencies last week states: “To execute this task, Wadhawa Singh is making efforts to mobilise volunteers from Punjab as also from the US, who could be made to travel to India via Malaysia or Singapore.” Security agencies have been asked to take appropriate security measures to protect VIPs and important installations across the state.
The VIPs claimed to be in the target list of the terror outfits include Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal and Congress MP Ravneet Singh Bittu.
Bittu, who is the Punjab Youth Congress president, is the grandson of former state chief minister Beant Singh, who is credited with wiping out terrorism in the state in the early 1990s with ‘super-cop’ KPS Gill. Beant Singh was assassinated by a human bomb in Chandigarh on Aug 31, 1995.
The dramatic RAW report says that Bittu is particularly being targeted by the Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF).
“We are taking the RAW inputs quite seriously. We do a day-to-day monitoring of things. Security is being stepped up as required,” Jalandhar Inspector General of Police Sanjiv Kalra told The Daily Mail.
The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that the Indian Punjab is facing a big threat from Maoists, who are gradually establishing their base in the state, feels the head of the state police force.
“Two years back a Naxalite (Maoist) leader Dubey had come to Punjab; he traveled all across the state and tried to form various committees. Recently we have rounded up one such zonal committee and we are trying to track others,”, Director General of Punjab Police, told reporters in a recent press conference.
He added: “Naxalites have spread all across the state. In the past few months, Punjab has seen agitations by farmers and employee organisations and the left wing extremist (LWE) elements have made inroads into these organisations.”
Punjab Police has recently constituted a special cell in the intelligence wing for monitoring the activities of LWE elements in the state.
“The police response mechanism has been accordingly geared-up to tackle Naxalism. A few months back, we had arrested senior functionaries of the CPI-Maoist and unearthed the state and zonal Maoist committees,” pointed out the DG Police.
Police here has also busted nine terrorist modules and arrested 46 terrorists during 2009.
“Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF) and Babbar Khalsa International (BKI) modules have been neutralised with the arrest of dreaded terrorists and recovery of rifles, revolvers, RDX, explosive material, detonators, and cartridges,” said the DG.
The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that since India has never blamed Pakistan government or it’s ISI for any activity of Maoists rebels, it feels lost since the global focus had shifted to India’s homegrown separatist movements in different parts of country, having nothing to do with Pakistan’s ISI. It was therefore decided that to defames ISI, the dead movements of Sikhs in Punjab should be glorified through media and ISI should be framed for supporting it. The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that during the last 3 months or so, all the Sikh criminals, arrested by police in Indian Punjab for different crimes, are first sent to the RAW offices in Punjab and from there, many never return as RAW detains them for preparing them to come before media as members of Khalistan movement and to confess that they were trained and funded by ISI of Pakistan

Source: Register

Old 24-Feb-2010
Re: After Beheading,Pakistani Sikhs want to flee to India

Hindu-Muslim di larai vich Sikh bina matlab to hi marr raya hai................we don't want to be the part of this fight.
Pakistan wale Sikhs nu Indians naal associate karke maari jaande aa te Indian wale Sikhs nu ISI, te Khalistan de jhoote cases ch fasa ke maari jaande aa.

Old 24-Feb-2010
Re: After Beheading,Pakistani Sikhs want to flee to India

i feel sorry for all people that live in pakistan and have to deal with the parasites that are the taliban..nuke em from orbit!

Old 24-Feb-2010
Re: After Beheading,Pakistani Sikhs want to flee to India

Originally Posted by pps309 View Post
Hindu-Muslim di larai vich Sikh bina matlab to hi marr raya hai................we don't want to be the part of this fight.
Pakistan wale Sikhs nu Indians naal associate karke maari jaande aa te Indian wale Sikhs nu ISI, te Khalistan de jhoote cases ch fasa ke maari jaande aa.
My dear, don't make it Hindu v/s Muslim issue. *hindus are just a minority in pakistan like christians, buddhists, sikhs and zoroastrian/parsis* It is about good and the evil.
This system (of forced conversions, protection money and all) is not good for anyone, even when the whole world will be one religion. There will be massacres between the sects and offshoots.

/tuhadi hi ik post hai, jo edit kiti

Old 24-Feb-2010
Re: After Beheading,Pakistani Sikhs want to flee to India

Yeah, System sucks both sides.....

Old 25-Feb-2010
SHauKeeN GaBRu
Re: After Beheading,Pakistani Sikhs want to flee to India

Pakistani media will try to put all the blame on India...dont knw how true is tht piece of news

Actually, only one man was killed and not 2...one of my friends here, is from tht region in Pakistan, he had his whole immediate family have left tht place...the one who died was related to him and one of his real czn (mame da munda) is still amongst the kidnapped Sikhs...now all the relatives sitting abroad r trying to pool the money to get thm freed...but evn thy dont knw the exact motive behind this

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