51yr old woman beaten up by police left paralysed & now crit

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Old 12-Jun-2011
51yr old woman beaten up by police left paralysed & now crit

Woman beaten up by police left paralysed
Of the 75 persons injured in the police action on Saturday night at the Ramlila Maidan, two—Raj Bala (51), admitted at G B Pant Hospital with spinal injury, and Sunil (24), admitted at Lok Nayak hospital with head injuries-—are still in critical condition. Bala, a teacher and a former Gurgaon councilor, has suffered paralysis in all four limbs and doctors said there is little chance of recovery even if she survives. The family of the victim is contemplating legal action against the police

latest update-


NEW DELHI The condition of 51-year-old Raj Bala, who suffered spinal injuries during the police action at Ramlila ground, has become “very critical”, doctors said on Friday.
The Gurgaon resident is in the ICU of G B Pant Hospital. The status report released by medical superintendent N. Shashi Gururaja said, “She continues to be on ventilator support and her condition is very critical.”

Old 12-Jun-2011
Some more update regarding anti-corruption movement

Ramdev justified wearing women's clothes to disguise himself.
'I preferred to adopt the survival tactics of warrior king Shivaji and about wearing a woman's attire is not a sign of weakness. A woman gives birth to a man and her status is superior,' he said.

Centre will not be able to bear consequence of stir :Ramdev
Lashing out at the Delhi Police for its action, he said, "Lobbying teargas shells in a closed shamiana was the most violent act of the police. Police attacked innocent women and children." ."Police did not allow any injured person to stay in hospitals,"

So do Ramdev is real baba , as Mahatma Gandhi's great grandson Tushar suggested in a tweet on Sunday? Or does he represent a popular cause that was just waiting for a leader?
In all the drama, we have forgotten what he's asking for:
that black money stashed away in foreign banks be brought back to India, that professional education be imparted in Indian languages, and that high-denomination currency notes be withdrawn so that illegal transactions are curbed. His demands will find resonance among the less affluent and those sidelined by India's globalised economy, even if he is ridiculed elsewhere.
In all this drama of congress to divert people mind from the real issue (corruption)

Ramdev's health deteriorates; doctors advise him to break fast
june 8
HARIDWAR: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev's health has started deteriorating as his fast for tougher anti-graft laws and bringing back black money from foreign nations, entered fifth day here on Wednesday.
Doctors attending to the yoga guru have advised liquid intake and requested him to end his fast soon.

"His health is going down. He has lost weight and is suffering from dehydration. He is not keeping well," chief medical officer, Haridwar Dr Yogesh Sharma said briefing mediapersons about Ramdev's regular check ups.

Sharma said, "We have requested that he should take liquid intake like milk and juices. It will be better if he ends his fast."

The yoga guru, along with hundreds of his disciples, is observing a fast from June 4 at Patanjali Yogapeeth, around 20 kms from here, to press for his demands of bringing back black money from foreign nations, tougher anti-graft laws and to uproot corruption from the country.

Earlier in the day, Ramdev did not show any sign of relentlessness and said that his fast will continue till Centre accepts all his demands.

"My fast is on along with thousands of my followers in each and every part of this country. People in 624 districts are on fast," he said.

He said, "I request children, old age people not to participate in the fast. Others should join this movement like many of their brethren."

Scores of Ramdev supporters are also participating in a day-long sit-in by social activist Anna Hazare demanding a strong anti-corruption Lokpal bill in New Delhi today.

Ramdev in ICU as condition worsens

HARIDWAR Fasting yoga guru Baba Ramdev was taken to a Dehradun hospital after his health deteriorated but his close aides insisted their leader has not called off his fast that continued for the seventh day against corruption and for retrieval of black money.
Ramdev was taken in an ambulance from his Haridwar ashram after his condition deteriorated on Friday.
“Baba Ramdev was taken to Dehradun for hospitalisation. He had agreed (to be taken to the hospital),” an official said.
Doctors monitoring his condition advised his hospitalisation due to “weight loss” and “low pulse rate”.
“Baba (Ramdev) has lost 1.5 kg weight in the last one day. His pulse rate is also falling. If it decreases further, it is a matter of concern,” said Yogesh Kumar Sharma, chief medical officer (CMO) of Haridwar.
“His urine examination showed the presence of albumin, which is a bad sign in terms of kidney functioning. He was taken to the Jolly Grant Medical College because of his worsening health condition and a team of doctors is accompanying him,” he said.
Ramdev on Thursday took lemonade and honey on the request of doctors. He has been on an indefinite fast after being forced to move out of Delhi’s Ramlila Ground a week ago.

“Swamiji was taken to ICU, Jolly Grant due to low pulse rate and ketone body found in urine and dehydration,” Ramdev’s spokesperson S.K. Tijarawala said. We appeal for peace and prayers,” he said in a statement.
“Technically, the fast is on,” Tijarawala said. “He is determined to continue the fast. He fell unconscious on his way to the ICU.”
R Meenakshi Sundaram, District Magistrate of Haridwar, said Ramdev was persuaded to be hospitalised. “There was no force feeding. He voluntarily agreed. There was danger to his vital organs,” he said adding that Ramdev was given glucose in the ambulance.
– Agencies

*40 Day Protest by Gujjars in Rajasthan - Railway tracks destroyed and millions of loss of Govt Money - This Gay and impotent Congres did nothing,
*Protest by Farmers in Delhi - Open destruction of property in front of media - This Gay and impotent CongrASS did nothing,
*Terrorists attack Mumbai and chain bomblast all over india - This Gay and impotent CongrASS did nothing,
* Naxals(now spreaded all over east-india and in many parts of north) killing army & police mens like dogs,kidnapping school teachers &student - This Gay and impotent CongrASS did nothing,
*Traitor suzzane arundhatti roy along with terrorist supporter hurriyat leader Gellani yet again in delhi, did a conference name Azadi .Barked anti-india comment saying india is a bhukha nanga desh and kashmir should be given to pakistan - This Gay and impotent CongrASS did nothing,
*Congress leader that r@scal dig vijay nope its dick vijay singh allowed and attendent special namaz a last funeral prayer in mosques of hyderbad,kolkatta,kashmir & chennai for terrorist bin laden and giveing him respect by calling OsamaJI "ji" !... - Again This Gay and impotent CongrASS did nothing,
>40 Hrs fast of Baba Ramdev - You know the result

tHIS FRAUD GOV dont care about the nation and its people who suffering,dieing,price rise,scam,terrorism,naxals,moist etc they wont take any action but will take quick action only when some one comes in between their corruption,swiss account money or put finger on nehru-gandi family the biggest chor fraud political family in the world.

Old 12-Jun-2011
Cool Re: 51yr old woman beaten up by police left paralysed & now

Even the Hackers support Baba Ramdev movement

Hacker group Anonymous has come out in support of a civil movement against corruption in India by hacking one of the websites of a government IT organization.

Anonymous said in a message on Twitter (Register) & Facebook (Register) that the NIC site had been defaced because of violence against Ramdev by the central government.

Message to Noble Citizen of INDIA
(Operation India)

Over fifty years ago, Indian Freedom Fighters laid down their lives for our freedom. In the end, what was it all for? Today our politicians ride slip-shod over our laws, corruption is rampant. If the brutal way Baba Ramdev's hunger strike was crushed is anything to go by, it would seem that India is now on its way to becoming an undemocratic "democracy".

Finally, steps were taken to correct this. The Lokpal Bill was created. And what happens? False tapes turn out to discredit those who support this bill, supporters of Baba Ramdev are mercilessly and brutally attacked.

This needs to stop. The Anons of India and of the world are taking a stand against your lies and against your corruption. We have a agenda:

# The Complete Removal of Corruption in all its forms, starting from the heighest order.
# Ensure Support to Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare and other Civil minded individuals who have supported the Jan Lokpal Bill.
# Replace all Currency of Rs. 500 & Rs. 1000 with some new Number, so that Black Money will become just piece of papers.
# Aplogise to the people who got affected by the barbaric crackdown.
# Some kind of basic qualification to get elected as MP / MLA or member of any governing body.
# Unique ID no ( Like Citizenship ) for everything . All data must get store under Single ID.
# An investigation into offshore accounts held by Indian Politicians and the Corporates.
# Severe punishment for all the Corrupt officials.
# The clearance of pending court cases in all courts of India swiftly, and fairly.

Until these demand are met and solutions implemented our attacks will not stop.
You, the government, were elected to listen to the voices of your people. To give them what they ask for. Too long have you ignored the voice of the "common man" which you claim to represent. Anonymous and the people of India are speaking now.

Are you listening?

We are Legion.
We do not Forgive corruption
We do not Forget your lies
We are Anonymous.
Expect Revolution
Expect Us

"Operation India”, A Fight against Corruption : Hackers

NIC Website Was Hacked by Anonymous Hackers to Protest Against CorruptionBesides a huge follower group, yoga guru Ramdev had succeeded in gaining sympathy from various activists and associations, including hackers, after the Ramlila ground episode where the yoga guru was forcefully evicted from the place along with his supporters during the wee hours on Sunday. The police have broken up his fast over the weekend.

Hacker group Anonymous has established an ‘Operation India' page on Facebook and an account on Twitter to announce fight against corruption in India as well as to express its support for the civil movement ignited by Ramdev.

The group had depicted itself as an online activist club (or hacktivists) while claiming to hack the website of the National Informatics Centre (NIC) on June 6, although the NIC had not confirmed any such activity till now.

According to the Hacker News, the Anonymous has left a message for Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, on NIC website: "There is no use securing. There is no use of spending on forensic. Get this message clear Mr. Prime Minister and others”. However, the page could not be accessed from Tuesday.

Earlier, a huge Indian population had backed the social activist, Anna Hazare, in a fight against corruption in India.

However, the post seems to have been removed presently.From the site Register

source -
hacker news

Hacker breaches Rahul Gandhi's cyber-security

NEW DELHI: In April, when the Congress general secretary was in the thick of poll campaigns, hackers broke into two servers created by him for family constituencies in UP. Passwords were illegally accessed and the internet address tweaked to redirect users to an engineering college website. The web servers, amethinet and raebareli, are maintained from Rahul Gandhi's bungalow by his team of technical experts.

On April 8, some of them noticed suspicious activity in the computer systems. The site was getting redirected and the email accounts had been broken into. They immediately lodged an FIR, stating, "officials found that amethi.net website is not accessible". A case was registered under 66 Information Technology Act. The Special Cell of Delhi Police, which is handling investigations, is now on the lookout for the hacker.

"Technically, the hacker has cracked the whole domain system of the server and used an email to get the passwords," a senior officer who is part of the investigation said. The hacking reportedly took place between April 4 and 19. Sources said the servers and websites at 12 Tughlak Lane had information on the constituencies of Rahul Gandhi and his mother, Congress chief Sonia Gandhi. The young MP's house is also a hub of policymaking for the Youth Congress and the systems store huge databases in terms of constituencies, individuals and trends, they said.

Amethinet and raebareli were created specifically to address the constituents, but the former, after hacking, opened onto Register, the website of an engineering college in Bahadurgarh, Haryana. When Rahul's team checked the domain name system (DNS) of the website, it showed an IP address different from that of Rahul Gandhi's network. "Amethinet domain is registered with godaddy.com domain and when officials tried to log in to the domain management console, it was not working," the FIR said.

Email IDs created for password recovery was also hacked. "The login and password for the email was also not working," said the complaint. As experts reset the password for Register and accessed the account, they found several suspicious emails. "These emails were sent by domain management console, godaddy.com (of amethinet), to an unknown person on his request regarding password recovery," says the FIR.

Officials said the recovered emails revealed the times at which the IP address password recovery requests were generated by the hacker. "The unknown hacker has cracked all of our domain management console passwords using password recovery email account Register and has made changes in DNS zone files so that it got redirected into some other websites," the FIR said.
Attached Images

Old 12-Jun-2011
Re: 51yr old woman beaten up by police left paralysed & now

India's wealth has been looted by a series of rogues... down the memory line... 1) First the Rulers like Nadir Shah,Mahmud Ghazni,Gori etc... 2) The British.. 3) Gandhi Family & Congress...

Indians are poor but not India: Swiss Bank

Berne: "Indians are poor, but India is not a poor country," says one of the Swiss Bank directors. He says that "280 lakh crore (280,00,000,000,0000) of Indian rupees is deposited in Swiss banks which can be used for “taxless” budget for 30 years. It can give 60 crore jobs to Indians.
The other uses of the money: From any village to Delhi 4-lane roads.
Forever free supply to more than 500 social projects.
Every citizen can get monthly 2000 for 60 years.
No need of world bank and IMF loan.

I know this statement is very less circulated in Indian media but this true the director who is with Julian assange said this words in press conference.
Some 80,000 people travel to Switzerland every year, of whom 25,000 travel very frequently. Obviously, these people won't be tourists. They must be travelling there for some other reason, opines S Narayan.
Once this huge amount of black illegal money and property comes back to India, the entire foreign debt can be repaid immediately in 24 hours only. After paying entire foreign debt, we will have surplus amount almost 12 times larger than the foreign debts.

Baba Ramdev Says :-
Kala Dhan(black money) vapas lao.......
Kya aap Jante hai pura black money (in total) almost 400,000,00Crore agar vapas ayega to Kya hoga ?

1) Bharat Financially no.1 Banega.
2) Ek Jile ko 60,000Crore aur ek Gaon ko 100Crore.
3) 20 saal tak kisi bhi tarh ka Tax nai dena padega.
4) Petrol (Without tax) Rs.25, Diesel Rs.15, CNG Rs.150, Milk Rs.8, etc.
5) Light ka Kabhi Bill nai Dena Hoga.
6) Bharat ke Border Charo tarf se China wall se bhi zayada strong ban Jayega.
7) Pure Desh mai 1500 Oxford jaisa University Khul Jayega.
8) 28,000Km ki rubber road (as a Paris) taiyar ho jayega.
9) 2000 Hospital (inclusive all facility) Free to every Indian.
10) 95Crore logo ka apna ghar hoga.

To check the full information in power point format..just few min it will take to read..DO YOU HAVE 10 MINS FOR URS COUNTRY.

OMG ! It's just a shocking revelation. And, it has been going on for many many years. Though Germans have recently given us the list of swindlers (who have black money in Swiss Banks) but Central Government denied to disclose the list to public. Obviously, how can thieves reveal their own secrets ?

“Think how people’s money is blocked by rich politicians. We have full right against corrupt politicians. Don't forget common wealth'CW' Games…..
Adarsh building ghotala…
2G Spectrum telecommunication ghotala of Rs176,379 crore (US$39.16 billion)

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