World's weirdest X-rays

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Old 05-Aug-2010
Saini Sa'aB
World's weirdest X-rays

World's weirdest X-rays

From broken bones to disease the X-Ray is one of the most useful medical
advancements in history. But as these images show they can also reveal
some of the most gruesome and bizarre results. Here, an X-ray shows the
abdomen of a patient that has swallowed two forks, a ballpoint pen and a
toothbrush. The items are located in the intestine

The comical yet disturbing results are taken from hospitals around the
world and show how accidents come in all shapes and sizes. This X-ray
shows a nail (upper centre) lodged in bones of the index and middle
fingers of an adult male, having penetrated through the skin

A historical X-ray of the foot of a Boer War (1899-1902) soldier, showing
a gunshot wound. A Mauser bullet has become lodged between the
metatarsal bones of the big and second toes. The bullet has not broken
any bones; but the end phalanges of the toes are deformed, perhaps from
tight army boots and long marches. This radiograph was made by the
soldier positioning his foot above a photographic plate, while an open
electric discharge tube emitted the X-rays

A coloured X-ray of a key (outlined in red, top right) swallowed by a 7-year-old boy

A coloured X-ray of objects swallowed and lodged in the intestine of a
patient, including a spoon and a blade

A coloured X-ray of an object (safety pin) lodged in the oesophagus of a

A coloured X-ray (front view) of the chest of a 60-year-old patient with
schizophrenia, showing a foreign body (24mm diameter) inhaled into an
airway (bronchus) of the lung

An X-ray of the foot of a patient who stood on a fork

A coloured X-ray of the abdomen of a patient with dementia that has
swallowed a razor (centre left) and razor blades (upper right)

Another patient who stood on a fork

A coloured X-ray of a knife (upper right) in the chest cavity

An X-ray of a bullet (conical object at centre left) embedded in the chest of a patient

An X-ray showing a toothbrush that was swallowed as a 'dare'

Old 05-Aug-2010
Re: World's weirdest X-rays

Old 05-Aug-2010
Re: World's weirdest X-rays

weirdest and funny te dekhya ne hale kise

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