** Unusual USB Drives **

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Old 16-Dec-2008
** Unusual USB Drives **

EGO Brick USB Flash Drive

Available in five colors, these keys are 100% compatible with the real Lego bricks, enabling you to tweak your Lego creations.

iPod USB Flash Drive

USB iPod Memory Stick features amazingly soft and tactile silicon outer casing and a carrying loop so you can make sure it doesnít get lost. The USB plug is hidden under the Ďfaceí of the iPod for added protection.

Bullet USB Flash Drive

The bullet drive is a show stopper. Itís chrome finish and stylish shape makes it a sturdy attention getter.

Food USB Flash Drives

Brandoís USB flash drives include chicken, hot wings, a slab of pork, a pizza slice, a burger, a watermelon slice, a strawberry, cookies and biscuits. Best of all, these hold 4GB worth of junk and cost only $28.

Pink Eraser USB Flash Drive

Want to make a flash drive that nobody in a modern office would even think about taking? Hide it in a pink eraser and itís secure in this digital age.

Penguin USB Flash Drive

Cute 2GB USB flash drive that looks like a Penguin

Bottle Opener USB Flash Drive

The USB stick CO is a mobile data storage device in a solid, brushed aluminium housing. It is special because it incorporates an extra bottle opener function combining practical data storage with a thirst-quenching aid that is always to hand.

Steampunk USB Flash Drive
Intricate retro sci-fi USB flash drive created by a Russian modder.

Old 16-Dec-2008
Re: ** Unusual USB Drives **

Teddy Bear USB Flash Drive

Cute Teddy Bear USB flash drive with removable head.

Folderix USB Flash Drive

Folderix flash drive is designed to look like a folder icon, which proves that there are no boundaries to oneís postmodernist aspirations.

Pico USB Flash Drive

Barely bigger than the tip of your pinky, and less than 4mm thick, itís positively small. The polished chrome finish is certainly shiny, but at 8 gigabytes, itís redonkulously teeny!

MIXA USB Flash Drive

MIXA is a 1GB USB flash drive that looks like a regular audio cassette tape. You can design your own unique sleeve using your own images, or select one of pre-made designs. MIXA comes with a plastic case, a set of stickers, a USB extension cable and a beautiful box.

Watermelon 8GB USB Flash Drive

Realistic looking Watermelon USB flash drive with 8GB of memory.

Realistic Meat USB Flash Drives
Chicken wings and other barbecue food USB flash drives from Brando

Old 16-Dec-2008
Re: ** Unusual USB Drives **

Realistic Sushi Flash Drives

Realistic looking Sushi USB flash drives.

Realistic Strawberry 8GB USB Flash Drive

Realistic looking Strawberry USB flash drive with 8GB of memory.

Realistic Pizza USB Flash Drive

Realistic looking Pizza USB flash drive from Brando.

Food Shaped USB Flash Drives

Appetizing USB flash drives from Vavolo.

Realistic Hamburger 8GB USB Flash Drive

Realistic looking Hamburger USB flash drive with 8GB of memory.

Edible Biscuit USB Flash Drives
Concept edible USB flash drives by Chris Ollis.

Old 16-Dec-2008
Re: ** Unusual USB Drives **


Old 17-Dec-2008
Re: ** Unusual USB Drives **

kaimm collection..

Old 17-Dec-2008
Re: ** Unusual USB Drives **

repost bro!!!!!!

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