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Titanic ship sank on an early morning in 1912 where 1,522 people died. It was only in September1, 1985, the wreckage of the ship was finally discovered. After that thousands of underwater pictures were taken during the 1986 Titanic Expedition. In this post i have posted the original pictures of the Titanic Ship, the picture of original tickets and the news that appeared at New York Times in 1912. I hope you will enjoy this post.

1st class grand staircase

1st Class Gymnasium

2nd Class Library

3rd Class Dining Room

Titanic in the Thompson Graving Dock

Titanic Propellers

Titanic Leaving Southampton

Passenger Ticket

News on New York Times- 1912


James Cameron‘s Titanic movie released in December 1997, took the world by storm, much as the original ship earned the world’s awe before her untimely demise.

How many Oscars did the Titanic movie win? The Titanic earned its place as the most nominated movie in film history. In total, the film was nominated for a whopping 14 Oscars and managed to bring home 11 of the coveted awards. No other film in history had won that many awards.
The main (fictional) story is of course the love story between Jack and Rose, two passengers from entirely different social classes.
  • Jack Dawson (played by Leonardo DiCaprio): Jack is a poor man from Wisconsin who has been traveling in Europe (mainly Paris). He wins 2 third class tickets for the Titanic in a poker game and boards the ship with his friend Fabrizio.
  • Rose DeWitt Bukater (played by Kate Winslet): Rose is a 17-year old woman from Philadelphia. Rose boards the ship with her fiance Cal (played by Billy Zane) and her mother Ruth.

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thx very much for this post

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