The Hummingbird Pistol

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Old 06-May-2009
The Hummingbird Pistol

The Hummingbird Pistol

It seems that the word "kolibri" is found in many European languages. It means "hummingbird".Back in 1914, an Austrian watchmaker named Georg Grabner marketed an autoloading pistol under that name. It has the distinction of being the smallest auto pistol ever made.

That is a 5 round magazine next to a 3mm cartridge. That translates to a .11 caliber bullet.

The tiny 3 grain bullet has a muzzle velocity of about 650 feet per second. That means that the gun has about 1/2 the power that my air pistol produces. The projectile is so small that it would certainly penetrate if you shot someone's bare skin, but it also means that I really can't conceive of it doing anything but pissing an attacker off. Unless you managed to shoot his eye out, of course.

Famed firearms expert Ian Hogg had this to say about the Kolibri.

"Grabner decided to make a miniaturised version and promote it as a self defence-gun for ladies, capable of being carried in any handbag or purse. What the lady was to defend herself against is open to some question; the 3-grain bullet produced about two foot-pounds of muzzle energy, which would probably have proved decisive against an enraged cockroach."

Old 07-May-2009
Re: The Hummingbird Pistol



Old 14-Sep-2016
Re: The Hummingbird Pistol

What so few people consider is that no firearm can do any better than the ammunition that is discharged in it, in the case of a tiny but well crafted little weapon like the kolibre
(hummingbird ),it is a centerfire and can be easily reloaded and reloaded with a charge and projectile far more powerful and heavier than the original ammunition.
Some moron said that the kolibre wasn't capable of bringing down anything larger than a mouse but not too long ago two moronic friends thought it might be fun to shoot each other with shells reloaded with cigarette butts to see how bad it stung and on the second shot the cigarette
butt penetrated the friend's heart and killed the idiot graveyard dead!

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