Sand, religion & Oil

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Old 31-Oct-2010
Saini Sa'aB
Sand, religion & Oil

The Holy Land (also known as Bilad Ash’Sham in Arabic) is a term which refers to the geographical region of the Levant of no definite borders which has significant religious importance for Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the Bahá’í Faith. Nowadays, it comprises roughly the territory of Israel, the Palestinian territories and parts of Jordan and Lebanon.
It is really amazing how come such a dry area without any water could bring out so many religions that will latter on conquer the whole world. Maybe this dryness and absence of vegetation pushed people to mysticism and search of meaning of life and that might be one of the main reasons why this area was the cradle of all the great ancient civilizations and the three greatest monotheistic religions.
Even today, this region is still vivid and extremely important in the geopolitical sphere because of the constant effort of greatest and most powerful countries in the world to set up their predominance over the Middle East because of the enormous oil stores which are found here. I guess our interest in the desert will never end.

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