Morning Glory Pool.

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Old 13-Jul-2010
Morning Glory Pool.

Set in Yellowstone National Park in the US, Morning Glory Pool is one of our planetís many natural wonders. It is one of the parkís many hot springs and it was named in 1880, due to its resemblance to the well-known flower. The pool used to be completely blue, but human kind had to screw things up, as it always does, and because of the debris thatís been thrown in along the years, part of the vent has been clogged. That caused the temperature of the water to decrease, allowing bacteria to settle in, and thatís how the yellow fringe was formed. Iím not saying itís less beautiful now but, in recent years the bacteria has started moving more and more towards the center of the pool and if the vandalism doesnít stop, we might soon admire Morning Glory Pool only in photosÖ

Old 13-Jul-2010
Re: Morning Glory Pool.


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