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Old 10-Jul-2008

Some pictures are from the recent flooding in the Midwest, others are from the monsoon floods in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh - all are harrowing images, telling a wet, miserable story of people, animals, cars, property vs. the sheer forces of nature.

(artist conceptual image: Jaap Vliegenthart)

This is how Modern Mechanix magazine (Dec, 1935) showed cataclysmic flooding event:

Nothing on such a global scale yet (though if you believe the news, the North Pole will be without ice this summer, so soon we may have more water than we ever asked for) As for the present situation, lets start with the recent pictures from Mississippi region (worst floods in 15 years) -

Muscatine Flood (check out more pics at Iowa Flood) -

Signage rendered useless, or just redundant:

You can see the power of high water here (Cedar Rapids, Iowa) -

Powerful storms in Pacific Northwest led to serious flooding this winter; this is Chehalis, Washington in December 2007 -

Interstate 5 got flooded one meter deep for the whole 5 kilometers:

Braving the deep:

in a car -

in a kayak -

or you might need one of these portable do-it-yourself submarines:

Now fishes can shop in Walmart, too:

What a miserable job... but I would also question the integrity of a rider who asks for such a service -

Unexpected LOL-humor in a miserable situation:

Old 10-Jul-2008
Re: Floods


Old 11-Jul-2008
Re: Floods

we experienced some of the worst floods England has ever seen, last year. They were terrible.. glad we dont live on the coast

Old 11-Jul-2008
Re: Floods



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