China Before the Rule of Mao Zedong

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Old 28-Apr-2011
China Before the Rule of Mao Zedong

Men Laden With Tea, Sichuan Sheng, China [1908] Ernest H. Wilson

This superb collection of vintage photographs from China capture a spectacular land of diversity filled with wealthy merchants, beggars in poverty and fantastic architecture before tourists. Taken between 1870 and 1946, each image was restored to it’s original condition by Ralph Repo .

Greatwall China [1907] Herbert G. Ponting

Kampa Dzong, Tibet [1904] John C. White

China’s Common Carrier, Her Substitute For Railways, A Camel Square In Peking, China [1901] Underwood & Co

House Interior Showing Woman With Bound Feet Tending A Stove In The Lost Tribe Country [1936] Hedda Morrison

Jade Belt Bridge & Boat, Summer Palace, Peking, China [c1924] Sidney D. Gamble

Young Mother Carrying A Child On Her Back In The Market, Hong Kong Island [c1946] Hedda Morrison

Der Abt Des Klosters (The Abbot Of The Monastery), Tíen Túng Sze, Chekiang Province [c1906] Ernst Boerschmann

China, Kuan Hsien Temple [1908] Ernest H. Wilson

Peking Mission School Children At Play, The Dragon’s Head, China [1902] Carlton H. Graves Co

Queen’s Road On Chinese New Years Day, Hong Kong, China [1902] Carlton H. Graves

The Harvard Houseboat, Kiating Fu, China [1908] Ernest H. Wilson

Natives At Breakfast, Movable Chow Shop, Canton, China [c1919] Keystone View Co.

Old 28-Apr-2011
Re: China Before the Rule of Mao Zedong

A Boat On A River With Rolling Hills In The Background In The Kiangsu Province Or Yunnan Province In China [1946] Arthur Rothstein

The Meridian Gate, Entrance To The Forbidden City, Peking China [1927] Herbert C. White

Chang The Chinese Giant [c1870] Attribution Unknown

Peking To Paris Autorace [1907] Attribution Unknown

Pekin, Walls Of The Tartar City [c1894-1896] William H. Jackson

Bride On Her Way To Wedding, Fuzhou Fujian China [c1911-1913] Ralph G. Gold

Interior Canal, Canton, China [c1917-1919] Sidney D. Gamble

Old 29-Apr-2011
Saini Sa'aB
Re: China Before the Rule of Mao Zedong

for sharing

Old 29-Apr-2011
Re: China Before the Rule of Mao Zedong

nice share.

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