Batwing Slug

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Old 06-Feb-2013
Batwing Slug

This is the spectacular Sagaminopteron ornatum, sometimes known as the "Batwing Slug" because of its greatly enlarged wing-like parapodia. It was first found in Sagami Bay, Japan which gives rise to its name Sagaminopteron. The Gastropteridae are specialised Bubble Shells related to Philine and Chelidonura. Unfortunately we know little about their biology. To my knowledge no one has identified the food of any species. Some tropical species are usually found on particular sponges but the radular morphology suggests they are carnivores eating small active invertebrates rather than rasping sponge feeders. I have found nothing recognisable in stomach contents. I suspect that they feed on small flatworms which leave no recognisable stomach contents, but that is only a guess. I would be glad to hear from anyone who has any feeding observations on any gastropterid

Old 07-Feb-2013
Jaggi G
Re: Batwing Slug

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