Why Men Should Not Treat Women Like Princesses

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Old 29-Mar-2012
Why Men Should Not Treat Women Like Princesses

Written by Dr Tara J. Palmatier on March 23, 2012 Do you throw up a little in your mouth whenever you hear a woman say she expects her man to “treat her like a princess?” Are you tired of the Princess Mentality exhibited by so many women today? Then it’s time to stop playing page, serf and vassal to her self-appointed highness.

With the exception of the few remaining royal houses, princesses aren’t born, they’re made. Well-meaning parents buy Disney princess costumes for their little girls and refer to their daughters as their “little princesses.”
Meanwhile, parents who refer to their sons as “little princes” and dress them up in crowns and scepters are rare if not altogether non-existent. Boys are told to be nice to their sisters and to protect them. Similar requests are rarely made of sisters in regard to their brothers.
Little princesses grow into adult princesses with out of control entitlement issues, believe that it’s all about them, all the time and that their needs, wants and feelings are important above all else. Self-appointed princesses typically don’t see their partners as equals, but rather as subjects who live to serve them. Reciprocity? Pfft.
For the men out there who haven’t figured out that a woman who refers to herself as princess is best avoided (the princess mentality is a huge red flag), this show is for you. It’s time to stop playing page, serf and/or vassal to Her Monstrosity (i.e., her monstrous, over-inflated ego) and time to learn that healthy adult love relationships are about treating one another with MUTUAL respect, dignity, integrity, love, affection, consideration, getting back what you give and not treating one partner like royalty.

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Re: Why Men Should Not Treat Women Like Princesses

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