My Friend's Problem

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Old 24-Dec-2009
My Friend's Problem

Ok so my friend, John, is stuck in a really bad situation. The situation involves three people: John, Amy, and Maria.

Amy is a very nice girl and she has never had a BF. She's not the kind of girl that wears skimpy outfits or anything. Just plain simplicity. So then, she meets this guy named John and starts to fall in love with John because he's different from all of the other guys.

John is a very nice dude and he falls in love with this one girl, Maria. He's pretty sure Maria likes him but he doesn't know for sure just yet.


One day, while chatting, Amy is talking to John (who now is her very good friend) and Amy asks John "Do you like any girl?"

John, who thinks that Amy likes him and doesn't want to break her heart says "Yes", but hesitates to say Maria's name.

Amy asks the name and then, John gets nervous and tells her "I'm sorry, I can't really answer your question. I just don't know what to say." and logs off.

Amy, who thinks she did something wrong by asking that question, tells John "I'm Sorry" @ 11:30pm.

Now, the problem is that John doesn't know what to do! What should he do? >d

Old 24-Dec-2009
Re: My Friend's Problem

Dharmendra nale Lambu wangu coin sutt lave :P

Old 25-Dec-2009
Rowdy Roddy Piper
Re: My Friend's Problem

he should hook up with amy, and keep trying for maria. simple.

Old 26-Dec-2009
Re: My Friend's Problem

thats nice you posted stuff here to share..
hmm i would say Amy should just keep quiet for a while and let john realise that she is the right girl for him .
Maria I don't know if she is nice or not. may be good looking may be thats why John is after her.
Just wait and watch no need to take any silly move.

Old 26-Dec-2009
Re: My Friend's Problem

@ Gurvy

Woh! @ Piper

Mmmh... @ Rahul

Thanks for the help guys. I'll let "my friend" know.

Old 27-Dec-2009
Re: My Friend's Problem

jida us utte man hai usnu direct phone kar ke keh deve

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