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Old 17-Feb-2009
Smile Brother's Love

They're there for the good times,
Bad,And everything in between

The ones you go to for help,
For comfort,
For advice
When you blue

Brother's so sweet in times of need he is there
Brother's so responsible
they teach us a lot of things

There's no other love like the love for a brother.
There's no other love like the love from a brother.

Brother is one who is cute
By uttering sweet words he makes us mute

Brother is one with whom we can share our thought
brother is a god sent gift
when we are in sorrow he gives us a lift

Brother is always there
when I need a shoulder to cry on
brother Who is the one I can go to when Im in any need..
brother never judges me
He is always there with a hug
Though we always fight !

Dont Ever Loose Your brother
And always keep him near
Never say you hate him
Tell him you are always there

Elder brothers are protective about their younger ones. They develop possessiveness and like to consider themselves as next to father in responsibility of taking care of their younger brothers and sisters with brother love. The brother love increases many fold if the age gap between them and the younger ones is more.
It is always the elder brother, who is quick to come to your rescue. Particularly, when you are bullied by others, you can count on your brother. It is the brother love that takes off your worries while you are at school. It pays to have a big brother.
Relationship between brothers is special. It is all about fights and moral support. Big brother love is like a shield for you when you are outside the house. But, then, if the age gap is less, they may fight with each other at home. However, when they are outside their house, they are one again. Elder brother love is similar to father love.
Relationship between brother and sister is very different. For a brother, sister is very special. He treats her as a delicate person and big brother love is all over her, protecting her, helping her and understanding her.

MEra koye Brother ne haga

j honda ta boht payar karda
vise apne sare dost he brother warge ne

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Old 18-Feb-2009
Re: Brother's Love

Old 18-Feb-2009
Re: Brother's Love

veera nal hundi sardari...

Old 18-Feb-2009
Re: Brother's Love


Old 18-Feb-2009
Re: Brother's Love


Old 18-Feb-2009
Re: Brother's Love


Old 18-Feb-2009
Re: Brother's Love

really gud

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