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Rajnikanth can speak chinese in Tamil language.

Rajnikanth's English Dictionary is written in Tamil language.

A Rajnikanth joke a day keeps the doctor away.

Rajinikanth is only the finest creation of God. Even God can't create another Rajinikanth.

Say "Rajnikanth" instead of "hello".

Because Rajnikanth is very fast, all of his scenes are shown in slow motion so that viewers can view them at normal speed.

Once Rajnikanth lost his wallet. As a result the world faced global recession.

Rajnikanth told Shakespeare the story of Romeo and Juliet.

Rajnikant knows who is the mother of Ted's children in 'How I Met Your Mother'.

Why did Superman and Batman visit Rajnikant? Because it was Teachers Day!

Rajnikanth hates people with an accent, because they call him Rajni-can't and not Rajnikanth!

It was after the birth of Rajinikant, that many atheists started believing in God.

Once Rajnikanth got so excited and he yelled loudly "Yaaaahoo".. now it is known as Yahoo.com

Rajinikanth can swim on the land and walk in the sea.

Rajinikanth does not believe in ghosts but they believe him

Rajinikanth dress gets ironed as soon as he wears it.

Rajinikanth can be seen in colour in black n white tv

Once Rajnikant bought one acre land with 4 wells on each corner. Why? To play Carrom.

Rajnikanth shoe size no. is 10(right) and 8(left).

Rajani can draw straight line using compass.

Rajani can find corner in a circle.

Galileo used lamp 2 study. Graham bell used candle 2 study. Shakespeare studied under street light. But,Do u know about... RAJANIKANT?......only AGARBATTI !!!

Once Rajnikanth forgot his toys in California.. and thats how DISNEY LAND came into existence.

Only Rajinikanth knows "Choli ke Peechhe Kya Hai".

Once God was surprised at something, he exclaimed "OMR"!

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funny. tfs

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