Nuclear Deal.........why?

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Old 19-Dec-2006
Nuclear Deal.........why?

Under the agreement, India is to separate its civilian and military nuclear programs over the next eight years in order to gain U.S. expertise and nuclear fuel to meet its rapidly rising energy needs. India's civilian facilities would be subject for the first time to permanent international inspections

This agreement clears one that we can not do any nuclear wepon testing, without american permision.

Why do we need american nuclear fule?.

why don't we use thorium as a nuclear fule, coz. we don't know how to use it?

it is found in a large quantity in our country?
and is much powerful and longlasting than uranium but need more kinetic power to start the reactor,

why don't we spend money for reasearch on Thorium?

May be after this agreement we may be finiancly equal to pakistan in forth comming years!

I don't know what the hell political leaders think about this deal and they singned it.

if we talk about the current energy need, present reactor may full fill it for long time, if our gov. may pass a good bill for multinational companys.

Old 19-Dec-2006
Re: Nuclear Deal.........why?

No Comments!!

Old 19-Dec-2006
Re: Nuclear Deal.........why?

I think it would be silly to comment on this without knowing all the aspects.

Old 19-Dec-2006
Re: Nuclear Deal.........why?

watched a whole day of news and analysis today, i think a good deal

Old 19-Dec-2006
Re: Nuclear Deal.........why?

Originally Posted by !~Dhillon~! View Post
I think it would be silly to comment on this without knowing all the aspects.
apna wi ehi haal e

Old 19-Dec-2006
SHauKeeN GaBRu
Re: Nuclear Deal.........why?

water is getting scarce, thermal generated power is no good either, so nuclear must be good to meet the rising demand for electricity in India

but I still believe that two sources with no side-effects at all must be used more extensively, ie. the solar energy and the wind energy...

Old 06-Feb-2007
Re: Nuclear Deal.........why?

research te ena pisa kyon ne launde

sade vargeyaan nu vatan shodan de load hi ni painde

Old 06-Feb-2007
Re: Nuclear Deal.........why?

umm i guess good deal baaki dekho ki hunda hard to tell right now

Old 06-Feb-2007
Re: Nuclear Deal.........why?

Mig alle soude warga haan hona

koi polit. marda v taan ne

Old 06-Feb-2007
Re: Nuclear Deal.........why?

i m agree with u Ravan but as u no every coin has two sides. India is a very rich country in natural resources . i think in india thorium is found in rajasthan or kerala . but not sure.but the thing is thorium is very dangerous element. if indians gonna start this reactor then there is lots of chances to hv earthquake. cuz scientist believe that thorium helps to create it. may be thats y ppl dont wanna take risk . and sorry to say ppl in india is not that educated and if sumthing happen they prevent themselves.

and u no Bush he only wants USA be a only powerful country in the world. he is good in brain washing . above that u no indian politics they just enjoy power and money for their own interest.

plz dont mind i dont no much abt india. i no this bcuz few days ago me and my teacher had discussion on this thing and i had a project on earthquake.

Old 06-Feb-2007
Re: Nuclear Deal.........why?

chlao kese ne taan samjdaari gal kiti

anyways every radioactive material helps to cause earthquake

aa le tere teacher laye

authors [ET], arguing with all his elaborate convictions against secrecy. He was so
convinced of his argument that he did not notice that Edward Teller agreed with him.
As has been said earlier, the essential facts on the hydrogen bomb are practically no
longer secret. Unfortunately, we see no way how to end secrecy by sudden and complete
action. We do advocate abolishment of secrecy and the re-establishment of openness in
science in a thoughtful and gradual manner.
What can be explained simply and clearly in one page cannot be kept secret. Details
are less interesting from a general point of view and important only if you want sustained
international cooperation. These are also the principles according to which the practical
rules of private companies are established.
One point should be particularly emphasized—the simple things that need to be
explained can be stated in their essence in one page each. The relativity of time as
discovered by Einstein, the unpredictability of the future as discussed by Heisenberg, the
release of nuclear energy as demonstrated over Hiroshima, the nature of the energy
sources of the universe, all have been disclosed though perhaps not enough emphasis was
placed on needed simplicity.
Our general recommendation, as has already been hinted, is not complete openness,
but yet sufficient openness that can serve worldwide progress of science and worldwide
establishment of rules.
We hope that applications of science as described in earlier sections, including
cooperation between nations, will make it easier to approach a final necessary stage. That
stage, as we see it, is not uniformity as might be enforced by world government, but
maintenance of the differences between nations, which we consider to be a truly
attractive part of man’s activities. Such differences must be accompanied by patterns of
behavior, which will tend to support cooperation and rule out the ultimately destructive
function of war.
Therefore, this paper does not offer a solution but only a postponement of a great
problem, together with hopes for a continually improving future.

ref :--http://www.llnl.gov/tid/lof/documents/pdf/239980.pdf

Old 02-Mar-2007
Re: Nuclear Deal.........why?

haan 22 hun te asar dikhn lag paya

hun te cammantooooooooooo

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