Nindy Kaur & Manj Musik - Vaheguru

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Old 29-Jan-2015
Red face Nindy Kaur & Manj Musik - Vaheguru

Dharam Seva Records - A Non Profit Label.

Artist - Nindy Kaur
Music - Manj Musik
Video - Harpreet Singh
Label - Dharam Seva Records

Special thanks to Nindy Kaur, Manj Musik and little Anoop Singh for allowing us to utilise their reach and spread the Gurmantar Vaheguru into the world.

Use this video to recite along and repeat the most powerful Gurmantar in this world. Vaheguru.

Vaheguru Gurmantar as according to Bhai Gurdas Jis Vaaran is a 4 in 1 Mantar.

Va - Vasudev
He- Hari
Gu- Gobind
Ru- Raam

The Gurmantar recites the 4 mantars of the 4 ages in one word. This is a way of expressing Gods Name. His naam is a eternal illuminating energy. Naam doesnt just mean name. Its a spiritual energy which will in the end be the result of a fulfilled/un-fulfilled life.

Our ,divine ,sacred ,loving Guru Nanak Dev Ji states at the end of Japji Sahib Ji...

Jini Naam Dyaheya Gai Musakat Ghal Nanak Teh Mukh Ujleh Keti Shuti Naal.

Only those who court and go after Naam will leave this world having achieved what they were born for. The true shuti from this planet is of that person who chased, loved, lived and found Naam. Everything else stays here.... and the cycle continues. Birth and death,- arrivals and departures.

We hope you can utilise this Vaheguru audio to connect to Naam and fulfil your life. We wish peace love and Gurus blessings to bring you closer to naam in your life.

For further audio aids to court Naam - Please also see our Waheguru Simran release by Sukshinder Shinda Ji, The Lyrics By Guru Nanak Dev Ji Mool Mantar by Baljinder Singh Khalsa Ji. and more recent album Release Words of Akaal Daily Nitnem Paaths by Kamaljeet Singh Wanchiri Ji and Tarli Digital Ji.

Please note Dharam Seva Records primary objective is to produce as many of these divine recordings with utmost respect and dedication as long as we live. The dharmik tracks and films are all aids to affect the thinking of a person who may never have had these things exposed to them.

We thank all artists we work with, all producers, all writers, all companys in a nutshell we truly thank every human who remembers god and carries out actions of Peace and Love for the Humans, Humanity, Mother Earth and all that resides on Mother Earth and Beyond.

Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji who brought this message to the world.

PS Guru Nanak Dev Ji is living today in Shabad Form. All information is the Grace of our Guru. Our organisation or volunteers are not worthy of any praise this message is the Gurus and only the Gurus and all praise belongs to our Guru. - Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji

We make and will make mistakes as we try to tread this path please forgive us for any offence or mistake we make.

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Old 29-Jan-2015
{ Ghavri }
Re: Nindy Kaur & Manj Musik - Vaheguru [Video]



Old 29-Jan-2015
Re: Nindy Kaur & Manj Musik - Vaheguru [Video]


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