L-FRESH The LION - Faithful

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Old 25-Oct-2013
::: Kamena Jatt :::
Wink L-FRESH The LION - Faithful


Verse 1:
The history's the future, it repeats like the barrell of a gun
here it comes full circle to hurt you, I never run
some stare at the sun trying to absorb the light
yet turn their heads to the struggle and ignore the fight
I recognise the lives of my people on the street tryna eat too
was told "my son, they're out to beat you
so careful who you speak to, coz they tend to cling a leash to
teach you wrong and unleash the beast in you"
but I see the real in the eyes of those that you judge
understand the plight of those that are addicted to drugs
see a child is a child, we all starve the same
trying to evolve from rats to escape from this racing game
I'm taking aim at myself, I say I'm faithful as hell
my ear's to the streets coz we got a story to tell
and best to listen coz wisdom got me living to learn
time to take a step back and give your people a turn

Chorus x 2:
I stay faithful though the road may be long
I stay faithful in my belief to carry on
I stay faithful though tomorrow may never come
still I wait for the day we can return to the sun

Verse 2:
I live for today and not tomorrow
this life is a gift that'll return one day like it was borrowed
to the Most High the Maker, you see, there is nothing greater
than letting go of it all and watching the cards fall
coz we call cling too tightly to what we don't need
so much so, we'd rather watch our fellow man bleed
than to see him succeed, I wonder what drives you
when I look inside your eyes I'm tryna find you
so we can speak man-to-man, openly and understand
no games or tricks or hiding behind the picture like a camera-man
your inner vision's never tainted
listen closely to your hearts message and go out and say it!
this life is too short it only lasts a while
you learn a lot about a person when they let go and smile
they're sharing a moment with you, if only for a second
love and faith put together is a powerful weapon
I stay faithful

Chorus x 2

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