Sharapova! The new face In tennis

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Old 03-Apr-2011
Und3rgr0und J4tt1
Wink Sharapova! The new face In tennis

I got away from tennis because I truly believe in my heart that the likes of Sharapova and the Williams sisters are a total disgrace and completely ruining the name of the game with their antics. Their long term retirements from the sport and anything associated with it in any way, shape or form, simply cannot come soon enough. If anyone gave me tickets to watch them play, I would burn them before I would see such disgusting spectacles!

Petkovic, on the other hand does give me hope however for the future of the game. She's cute, honest and not as pretentious as Sharapova and the Williams sisters. They could learn a lot from her. Including some desperately needed lessons in humility! As for her so-called "dance", call it what you will but it's hardly a dance. A couple of seconds of bubbly excitement at the end of a tough match is a lot better than watching one of the Williams sisters threatening a line judge or any of their ilk when they dance around when they win!

Petkovic has my full support and she is one player that is bringing me back to the game. Yes, I would pay to watch her play. She's worth it where the others aren't! Too bad she's retiring her little celebration, it definitely beats the others. At least she has class! I look forward to the day she beats Sharapova and the Williams sisters. It's just a matter of time and it's going to be worth every penny!

Old 05-Apr-2011
Re: Sharapova! The new face In tennis

new chick in the tennis world

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