Fashionable Brazil: homemade mask

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Old 14-Jun-2012
Fashionable Brazil: homemade mask

I recently learned here in Brazil a recipe peeling house pretty fantastic and very effective.

We know that peels in salons are quite expensive, so get a peel at home is a great alternative ingredients and no chemicals are used.

The purpose of a peel is to remove all dead skin cells to renew themselves and they have a radiant skin. They can be made once a month, more than that it is irritating to the skin.

In the recipe that I present, lemon juice exfoliates and tones the skin. The tomato is used to restore the natural PH of the skin is also very good and to treat pimples.

You will need:

1 tomato
1/2 cup cold water
juice of half a lemon
1 tablespoon orange juice
1 packet of unflavored gelatin

How to prepare the peel:

Reduce the tomato puree with a blender. Sieve the juice to remove small tomato seeds.

In a small saucepan, combine water, gelatin and lemon juice. Heat over low heat until gelatin is completely dissolved. Add tomato puree and mix well. Turn off heat.

Let the mixture cool in a bowl and refrigerate about 30 minutes until the texture is firm enough but can still be applied to the face.

Before using, mix one last time for a homogeneous product and apply to face with a small spatula, brush face, or fingers. Do not apply the peel around the eyes or lips. Be careful also not to apply to your eyebrows because when you remove the film, you could slightly remove hair along your eyebrows.

It may be that your skin tingles a little but it's just a good sign!

Now, wait 30 minutes until the mixture dries. You can lie down and relax but if you're a little hyperactive like me you can just forget that you have a mask on your face and do your normal activities.

Finally, remove the film by first taking off the bottom of your chin and pulling up.

Rinse well and wash your face with a gentle cleanser.

It may be that your skin is slightly pink immediately after removing the peel, but I swear the next morning, your skin will be bright.

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