What's Deepika Padukone got to hide?

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Old 05-May-2011
What's Deepika Padukone got to hide?

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Deepika Padukone is a gutsy gal who's known to wear her heart on her sleeve, so why is she shying away from admitting to her latest romance with Siddartha "Richie Rich" Mallaya? While Deepika's usually generous with her PDAs - well, she was with her ex Ranbir Kapoor - she seems adamant about keeping her hands off this time.

And whilst I'm certain Ms Padukone is indulging in this drama just to spite Ranbir - her recent slating session about him on a celeb chat show proved that the love wound is still pretty raw - let's face it, infidelity isn't such a big deal in the big, bad world of B-wood, so why make such an issue of it? And seeing as how Kapoor's still ‘single', it's strange that she's still crying foul.

Interestingly, just like the Kapoor lad, Sid is also known for his roving eye, but it looks like Deeps is prepared to bend her rules for her new boy.

In my opinion, the non-PDAs are being put out there to keep us fans guessing.

Deeps, you little minx, you!

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