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Old 28-Mar-2011
Tsismis: Latest gossip from the Pinoy world

UNP ImageAccomplished actor, successful businessman, doting father - Marvin Agustin wears many hats, and he wears them all well. During his prime as one of the teen stars of ABS-CBN, he was one of the more popular and certainly one of the most talented, with several acting awards to his credit.

"The one thing I have for what I do is passion," he says when asked for the secret to his success. "The entertainment industry has been really good to me - it was the one that opened doors and allowed me to explore new horizons in my life, and so I think I would first and foremost be an actor."

But though the entertainment industry has been rewarding and generous in its blessings, Agustin knew early on that it wouldn't last. "I am thankful I still have projects at this stage, when so many new actors have come up. So, I did what I had to do because I had a family. I was the breadwinner starting from an early age, and now I have kids of my own - my twins Santiago and Sebastian - and that only means that I have to work harder."

One of the ways he's found that has really worked is he became a restaurateur. "It was a natural thing, I guess," he recalls. "I was a waiter in a Mexican restaurant in Manila when I was discovered, and I sort of went back to what it was that made me happy before show business. It hit me - maybe I could go into the food business."

The Newtonian moment, albeit minus the apple, hit him well. Starting with a franchise of a popular doughnut chain, Agustin now owns and operates some of the more popular fusion restaurants in Manila, including Oyster Boy, SumoSam and Mr Kurosawa. "I am actually more known now as a restaurateur rather than actor, but when there's an opportunity to do a film or a TV, especially when the concept is good, I grab it."

Agustin didn't think twice when he was offered to do a reality show that would discover not new actors or singers, but good chefs. "They didn't have to finish the concept brief - I said yes right away. While show business has been really good to me, I am more of a restaurant person now, and I thought this was a good way of giving back," he says.

Of the restaurants he owns, one of his favourites is SumoSam, which first opened in the Shangri-La Plaza Mall and later branched out to the posh Power Plant Mall in Makati because of its success. SumoSam became popular for its Westernised Japanese dishes, affordability and cozy ambience.

At a young age of 32, Agustin has already accomplished so much, and has some food for thought for those figuring out what hat to wear: "Find out what makes you happy, and then do everything with passion."

Bye-bye, baby

Real-life celebrity sweethearts Dennis Trillo and Jennylyn Mercado have parted ways. The couple broke up several weeks ago, but reports about their separation only surfaced recently.

Neither has spoken about the issue, but sources close to the actor say the constant nagging and fights took a toll on the relationship. Trillo, according to our mole, has grown weary of Mercado's unfounded jealousy. The actress' publicist, Becky Aguila, has confirmed the split, but would not give any reason for the break-up. Trillo and Mercado dated for almost a year, and were rumoured to be planning a wedding next year.

Both are single parents.

Love to hate Eula

Eula Valdez returns to ABS-CBN to do what she does best - to play the villain in a heavy drama soap series. She will be playing the role of Selina in the remake of Mula Sa Puso, a popular TV series in the '90s. At a recent press conference for the new show, Valdez said she finds more fulfilment in doing anti-hero roles, "because the challenge is greater and I can explore more in terms of depth and texture".

The top-notch actress also denied rumours she had someone axed from the show. "It's not my style. All I care about is my work," was her curt reply.

Sarah and Cristine bury the hatchet

Sarah Geronimo and Cristine Reyes have finally kissed and made up. After a bitter word war, mostly from Reyes' side, the two finally put the past behind during a short break of ASAP, the Sunday noontime musical show of which they're both a part.

Geronimo rushed back to get something from the dressing room and found Reyes preparing for her number. "I took a chance and thankfully we were okay after that," Geronimo said at a press conference last week for her upcoming movie with Gerald Anderson, Catch Me, I'm in Love.

"And, no, it's not a gimmick for my new movie," she said. "I just really wish for the animosity to end. It's not healthy."

Dingdong the action hero

Heart-throb Dingdong Dantes has revealed he is set to do an action movie, a life-long dream.

"I've always been doing romance and comedy movies or TV projects, it's about time I do something else," he said at a press conference for The Aswang Chronicles, a movie produced by upstart Revolver Studios and Reality Entertainment. "I'm glad the opportunity came my way."

Dantes also announced he is in talks with Kris Aquino for a film project that will hopefully be shown at the Metro Manila Film Festival. If that happens, it will be their first movie together.


KC ConcepcionActress/TV host

Song on repeat mode: Impossible by KC Concepcion. It's one of my favourites from my album, mainly because of what it says about the woman in the song - she's strong and she's moving on.

One to make me cry: Imagine by John Lennon. The message is so moving and the theme, timeless.

This one makes me move: Feeling so Good by J.Lo. Wouldn't you dance when you hear this one?

At karaoke I would sing: Must Have Been Love by Roxette. Powerful lyrics and melody, it's something that's fit for a bit of karaoke fun.

Track I'd skip right now: Better Days by Janet Jackson. It reminds me of someone, so I'd rather skip it.

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