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Old 14-Feb-2011
Tsismis: Latest gossip from the Pinoy world

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‘I have become wiser’

She is not a big celebrity but one remembers Kris Aquino because she’s a self-confessed loudmouth’ she’s a loudmouth (a self-confessed trait) and her birthday is today — Valentine’s Day.

Certainly, her name would at least be familiar becauseShe also happens to be the youngest daughter of two of the Philippines’ best known political luminaries — Senator Benigno Aquino, a staunch critic of Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos, and Corazon Aquino, the housewife who led the bloodless revolution that ousted Marcos.
Back then, when Corazon was in power, Aquino won the hearts of Filipinos with her charm and intelligence. She used that to her advantage later on to become a successful movie star and television talk show host.

In fact, 25 years later she is dubbed showbiz’s Queen of Talk. Whatever she says, good or bad, could make tabloid headlines the following day — her tactless remarks have almost always become the subject of juicy gossip.

“But now that I am 40, I’d like to like to think that I have become wiser in my ways,” she says. She almost stopped short of saying, “and after two failed marriages”, but you can tell she has really wised up by not mentioning her marital woes – her Achilles’ heel. “I will have a very busy working birthday, and I would be celebrating it with a prayer party,” she continues.

She probably means saying grace before a lavish dinner, but that is typical of Kris – crafting words magically, well, some of the time; and thoughtlessly almost always, like when said her most recent ex-husband, superstar basketball player James Yap, wasn’t invited “because someone else is.”

When asked who it is, she became evasive. For once, she’s keeping it quiet – a big sacrifice for her. So many times in her life, she got into trouble with her family because of the men in her life. “Well, I am old enough now, so I can only get into trouble with myself, and my sisters,” she says, then bursts into laughter.

Yet, even Aquino couldn’t resist. “I just wish that the next man in my life would be somebody trustworthy, somebody driven, somebody intelligent and somebody articulate. I am not asking for good looks,” she says.

Did the description fit well with broadcaster Ted Failon, with whom she is currently being linked?

“Ted and I are at a stage where we are comfortable being friends while at the same time you can feel there wouldn’t be any awkwardness if we went beyond friendship. But no, Ted and I aren’t dating.”

Waiting for his Angel

At a recent press conference, when star football player and TV personality Phil Younghusband was asked who he admires most, he quickly said Angel Locsin. But a few days before V-Day, the Fil-Brit celeb later when Younghusband asked Locsin out for a date via Twitter, the actress politely declined saying she had a busy work schedule on that day. However, Locsin followed up her tweet with a more encouraging post: “Let’s try another time.” The footballer told the media he will wait another day, and said: “I’m very cheesy when it comes to romance. Few would dare say this, but I kind of like Titanic, that’s a romantic, though tragic, kind of love for me,” he said.

Anne’s Greatest love

Movie star and TV host Anne Curtis surprised her fans and boyfriend, Fil-French Erwan Heussaff, when she admitted that up to now the greatest love of her life is Sam Milby, the actor she dated two years ago. “He really is, but it doesn’t mean I am in love with him. I am head over heels in love with Erwan and if he’s the one, then he will be my eternal love,” she said. When asked about her other ex-boyfriends, Curtis said Oyo Sotto (who just married Kristine Hermosa) was her first love, while Richard Gutierrez, another actor, was her young love.

Ai-Ai’s Italian job

Comedienne Ai-Ai de las Alas vehemently denied she is dating director GB San Pedro. “Ayoko magsalita, huh, pero iba ang ka-date ko [I don’t want to say anything, but I am dating someone else],” she said. And that someone turned out to be an Italian-Colombian modelwhom she met at a price bar in Makati. “It took more than a month before we went out because we were both busy, and because I wasn’t so sure he really wanted to date me,” she said. On Valentine’s Day, de las Alas guarantees, “I am going to be very happy.”

Mistaken identity

Former celebrity doctor-perfumer Hayden Kho was shocked by the reaction of actress and TV host Sharon Cuneta to his tweet last week in which he said, “There’s a billboard on EDSA [Manila’s major thoroughfare] developed by advertisers who think consumers are stupid. Guess.” Apparently, Cuneta felt Kho made a taunt about her. She has a controversial billboard advert on the same highway for a weight loss company, which has received a lot of flak from consumers. Cuneta, the weight loss company and the agency, of course, denied the allegations. Cuneta then reacted to Kho’s tweet saying, “You want to start a war with me? Fix all your problems first.”

But Kho replied he wasn’t referring to Cuneta’s advert, but another one, apparently competing brand to his recently-launched perfume line. Nothing has been heard from Cuneta since.

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